Ukraine: The Latest - Kyiv's counter-offensive 'imperiled' by attack on Kakhovka dam

Every weekday the Telegraph's top journalists analyse the Russian invasion of Ukraine from all angles and tell you what you need to know

Russian state TV host rolls her eyes at claim the US and Britain blew up Ukrainian dam 

Russian state TV host Olga Skabayeva was scarcely able to conceal her scepticism as military propagandist Igor Korotchenko declared the explosion was planned by Washington and London.

Wagner boss Prigozhin says Russia may NUKE its own territory in Belgorod region

Yevgeny Prigozhin warned Russia might be forced to unleash nuclear weapons on its Belgorod region where pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer units have conducted a series of cross-border raids.

Kyiv's troops advance around Bakhmut after Wagner chief dismissed 'absurd' Russian claims

Ukrainian forces have advanced on Bakhmut, Kyiv's Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar said, describing the embattled city as the 'epicentre of hostilities'.

Ukrainian forces conducting 'offensive actions' at the front, says Kyiv

Kyiv on Monday said Ukrainian forces were conducting "offensive actions" on the front line as the country faces pressure from the West to announce the launch of a long-awaited counteroffensive. Russia meanwhile said that its forces had thwarted a...

Tom Hollander reveals he won't open fan mail over fears he is Russian target

The White Lotus star, 55, made the revelation to BBC's Laura Kuenssberg when discussing his West End play Patriots in which he stars as an enemy of the Russian president.

Wagner chief slams Russian claims of huge losses inflicted on Ukraine as 'absurd science fiction'

Yevgeny Prigozhin, whose mercenary troops have spent months fighting in Bakhmut, poured scorn on his country's establishment after it claimed to have thwarted a second major offensive in Donetsk.

'This may be Ukraine's only chance to liberate its occupied territory', says expert JUSTIN BRONK

The announcement by Ukraine that it is 'shifting to offensive actions' heralds the start of a new and potentially vital phase of the war with Russia that could be its only chance to win back territory.

Ukraine has ‘advanced’ in the east, deputy defense minister says

Ukrainian troops are making advances on the eastern front around the city of Bakhmut, according to deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar. Ground troops were "...

Russia's defences 'more fragile than thought', officials say as Ukrainian counter-offensive steps up

American and European military officials advising Kyiv have claimed that Kremlin defensive lines may be fragile, an insider has claimed. Ukrainian forces have advanced in Novodonetsk.

Ukraine: The Latest - Front line erupts amid reports Kyiv's counter-offensive has begun

Every weekday the Telegraph's top journalists analyse the Russian invasion of Ukraine from all angles and tell you what you need to know

Wagner chief blasts Putin's 'disgraceful' army after Ukraine retakes Bakhmut territory

Yevgeny Prigozhin said it was a 'disgrace' that Kyiv's troops were able to push back Russian lines and seize Berkhivka, a town in the northern suburbs of the embattled city

Hear why Putin hasn't punished Wagner chief for criticizing his army

Ret. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt breaks down the relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin. #CNN #News

A not-so-subtle message from Ukraine ahead of a much-anticipated counteroffensive

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry released a social media video showing soldiers urging silence over their counteroffensive plans. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports...

Putin stages huge show of force in Baltic Sea and Pacific Ocean amid setbacks in his war in Ukraine

Some 40 surface warships and 25 aircraft took part in Russian naval drills in the Baltic Sea today. The drills involve some 3,500 service personnel and are scheduled to last until June 15.

Wagner mercenaries CAPTURE officer in Putin's regular army as split between the groups intensifies 

The captured colonel was seen hanging his head in a humiliating video published by Wagner in which he confessed his 'guilt' and admitted to shooting at a Wagner vehicle

Russia claims to have thwarted 'major Ukrainian offensive' in Donetsk killing 250 of Kyiv's troops

In a statement, the Russian defence ministry said Ukraine had launched the offensive on Sunday, June 4, using six mechanised and two tank battalions.

Russia claims Ukraine has begun its large-scale counter-offensive following Putin's invasion 

Russia claimed tonight that Ukraine has begun its large-scale counter-offensive following Putin's invasion last year.

Ukraine is waging a shadow war in Russia – risking Putin’s ultimate vengeance

The Motherland's humiliation stands to test Zelensky's ‘nerves of steel’

Russian spy whale: A look at other secret agent animals... including a hero pigeon and CIA cat

Intelligence agencies have long recruited animals. Here, MailOnline takes a look at the mammals, birds, and even reptiles and insects which have served as spies and been accused of espionage.

More than 1,100 air raid shelters in Ukraine found ‘unfit for use’ or locked

Ukraine’s interior ministry said Saturday that an inspection of the country’s air raid shelters found nearly 900 “unfit for use” and more than 250 locked. The announcement came two days after a woman in Kyiv allegedly died while waiting outside a...