Playboy model speaks out on time with Trump

Former Playboy model Karen McDougal sits down with CNN's Anderson Cooper to discuss her alleged affair with President Donald Trump and her lawsuit against a company she says kept her original account from publication.

Ecuadorian police stormed the Mexican embassy. Here's why countries are upset.

Ecuador raided the Mexican embassy on April 5, where they arrested Jorge Glas, a former vice president of Ecuador who had been seeking asylum there. After being detained, Glas fell ill and was transferred to hospital, according to the national...

Hear from journalist booted from GOP event over her "unfair reporting"

Colorado Sun reporter Sandra Fish tells CNN's Abby Phillip what happened what she was removed from the Colorado state Republican assembly.

Yellen discusses national security concerns on trip to China

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is wrapping up her second trip to China in nine months. The trip is aimed at addressing escalating trade disputes between the world's largest economies as the two sides try to stabilize relations following a...

Why these Black voters in key state say they won't vote for Biden

CNN's Rene Marsh speaks to Black voters in Atlanta who say they won't vote for President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

'Elegant': Nixon White House counsel reacts to newest special counsel filing

CNN's Kaitlan Collins speaks with John Dean, White House counsel during the Nixon administration, about special counsel Jack Smith's newest filing in the presidential immunity case involving former President Donald Trump.

Hear what the Japanese prime minister said he wants to do in terms of US-Japan relations

Ahead of a closely watched summit with US President Joe Biden next week, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told CNN's Hanako Montgomery what he thinks of US-Japan relations and his country's changing defense capabilities.

On GPS: Finland's new president on how NATO would handle Trump's return

New Finnish President Alexander Stubb speaks to Fareed about Europe's reaction to former US President Donald Trump's anti-NATO comments — and how Western nations can respond to what he calls the global "regionalization of power."

On GPS: Why China's richest man is facing a nationalist boycott

Fareed speaks with The Spectator's Cindy Yu, host of the magazine's "China Whispers" podcast, about the online backlash against Zhong Shanshan, founder of the Chinese beverage giant Nongfu Spring, and what this tells us about Chinese society today.

CNN Panel: Now Donald Trump has decided he wants to debate

California Rep. Ro Khanna, Former Republican nominee for US Senate in Washington Tiffany Smiley, 2021 Presidential Inaugural Committee Executive Producer Stephanie Cutter and CNN Political Commentator Shermichael Singleton join CNN's Jake Tapper...

Republican lawmaker says Russian propaganda has 'infected a good chunk' of GOP base

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) made comments during an interview with Puck, warning that Russian propaganda has "infected" a portion of the GOP base. House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) joins CNN's Jake...

Republican strategist says Trump has made a critical mistake in the campaign

Republican strategist Karl Rove, who was the architect of George W. Bush's successful presidential run, says that Donald Trump has made a mistake calling imprisoned January 6th rioters hostages and said President Joe Biden should "go hard" at...

Video shows police in Ecuador raiding Mexican embassy

Mexico is breaking diplomatic ties with Ecuador after police raided its embassy in Quito to arrest former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas. Journalist David Shortell reports.

Ex-Russian official issues warning about Putin

Vladimir Milov, Russia's former deputy minister of energy, tells CNN's Erin Burnett how he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin could impact the US presidential election and "complicate" President Biden's reelection campaign. Ex-CIA chief of...

Retired judge says statute cited in Trump's motion raises concerns on judge in hush money case

Retired US district court judge for the Southern District of New York Shira Scheindlin says there are parts of former President Donald Trump's legal team's motion asking Judge Juan Merchan to recuse himself from the New York hush money case that...

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson shares why he will not endorse Biden in the 2024 election

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shares why he won't be endorsing any presidential nominees in the 2024 election, saying his endorsement caused division.

"Tragedies like this happen in war," Israeli Minister on killing of aid workers

Bianna Golodryga speaks to Israel's Minister of Economy and Industry, Nir Barkat, after the IDF released a report blaming "mistaken identification" for Monday's airstrike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza.

Consequence of Trump's threats will be violence, warns former January 6th investigator

Former federal prosecutor Temidayo Aganga-Williams sees a link between January 6th and Donald Trump's ongoing attacks on the judicial system.

State election official rips into Elon Musk retweeting false voter conspiracy

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks with Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer, who fact-checked a voter conspiracy retweeted by X CEO Elon Musk, that alleged over 200,000 undocumented migrants registered to vote in Arizona.

'We're not really their priority': Lawmaker on Biden's focus on latino voters in 2024

CNN's Danny Freeman speaks with Latino voters in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Maggie Haberman reacts to Trump's comments about Nixon and Watergate

Maggie Haberman reacts to Donald Trump calling former President Richard Nixon's infamous "Saturday Night Massacre" during the Watergate scandal a mistake, saying he learned from Nixon to "live with these people a little while" before getting rid...