The future of food with five Bay Area female chefs

Join Alice Waters, Cecilia Chiang, Dominique Crenn, Tanya Holland, and Gabriela Cámara at a family meal in San Francisco's Bay Area, an area where female chefs reign. Bringing inclusivity and inspiration to both the kitchen and dining room. These...

This glass could turn skyscrapers into power generators

In the United States, buildings consume approximately 70% of the country's electricity. But a breakthrough in solar glass could offset that demand by converting the windows of every building into solar panels.

CNN Young Wonders: Melati and Isabel Wijsen

Teen sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen created Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a youth movement to help their home island of Bali become plastic bag-free.

Crossing Switzerland's sky-high suspension bridge

CNN's Richard Quest travels to Switzerland's Glacier 3000 and walks across the world's only suspension bridge that connects two mountain peaks.

Hollywood Minute: 'An American Saga' heads to France

Kevin Costner's latest Western epic, "Horizon: An American Saga,' to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and Scarlett Johansson tries to fake a lunar landing in 'Fly Me To The Moon.' David Daniel reports.

Hear from journalist booted from GOP event over her "unfair reporting"

Colorado Sun reporter Sandra Fish tells CNN's Abby Phillip what happened what she was removed from the Colorado state Republican assembly.

The human impact on Everest

This year, 28,000 pounds of human waste was removed from base camp. The Mount Everest Biogas Project plans to convert this waste into a usable product.

Yellen discusses national security concerns on trip to China

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is wrapping up her second trip to China in nine months. The trip is aimed at addressing escalating trade disputes between the world's largest economies as the two sides try to stabilize relations following a...

An all-new 'Dora'

Dora the Explorer is back in an all-new animated series, featuring the original 'Dora' voice actress in a new role. Rick Damigella reports.

The Middle East takes center stage at global real estate event

CNN's Eleni Giokos catches up with high-level delegations showcasing some of the region's billion-dollar real estate projects at this year's edition of MIPIM, a global property show held annually in the south of France.

Hollywood Minute: Beyoncé's country album makes history

Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' makes chart history, Chris Pine makes his directorial debut with 'Poolman,' and 'Poor Things,' 'Talk To Me' and other films make it big at the Critics Choice Super Awards. David Daniel reports.

On GPS: Why China's richest man is facing a nationalist boycott

Fareed speaks with The Spectator's Cindy Yu, host of the magazine's "China Whispers" podcast, about the online backlash against Zhong Shanshan, founder of the Chinese beverage giant Nongfu Spring, and what this tells us about Chinese society today.

Hollywood Minute: Mike Post's not-for-TV music

The award-winning composer does something he hasn't in decades: record an album of music not made for a television show. Rick Damigella reports.

'We're living through one of the biggest cultural backlashes... in history': CNN's Fareed Zakaria on new book

Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN's GPS, joins Jake Tapper to discuss his new book "Age of Revolutions," and how the culture wars are shaping today's politics.

Coffee shop customers scatter as quake strikes Northeast

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake rattled buildings across parts of the Northeast, according to data from the US Geological Survey, with reports of it being felt from Philadelphia to New York City.

New device helps the blind experience the eclipse. Here's how it works

A new technology, called the LightSound device, developed by Harvard researchers that translates changing light into sounds, allows visually impaired or blind people to experience the eclipse. Fundraising and outreach coordinator for South East...

Game On: 'South Park: Snow Day!'

The South Park gang takes a snow day, Marvel characters face off in a new PVP-game, and a classic Nintendo racer returns. Rick Damigella reports.

CNN correspondent breaks down new IDF report on WCK strike

The Israeli military believed they were targeting Hamas operatives when they attacked and killed seven food aid workers in Gaza, according to an internal inquest that led to the dismissal of two officers. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Spring nor'easter leaves thousands without power

CNN meteorologist Elisa Raffa covers the impact of a spring nor'easter hitting the Northeast, causing power outages for thousands.

Trump's Truth Social stock price slides

Analyst marvel at the stock price of a social media platform valued at over 1000 times its earnings. Trump owns more than 50%; a dip this week cost him $1b.

Spelman College president reacts to Charlamagne tha God calling DEI 'mostly garbage'

Spelman College President Dr. Helene Gayle reacts to Charlamagne tha God's comments on diversity equity and inclusion, calling them "well-intentioned but mostly garbage."