Rishi Sunak drafts in Red Wall MP Lee Anderson as deputy Tory chair

Rishi Sunak has appointed Lee Anderson - a Brexit-backing former Labour councillor - to the key role under new chairman Greg Hands.

Kabinettsumbildung in London – und ein neues „Ministerium für Energiesicherheit“

Premierminister Rishi Sunak nutzt die Gelegenheit, um sein Kabinett grundlegend umzugestalten. Der Tory-Politiker signalisiert dabei auch, dass er die Sorgen der Bevölkerung ernst nehme – die Folgen der hohen Energiekosten sollen bekämpft werden.

Rishi Sunak reshuffles Cabinet with Greg Hands taking over as Tory chair

Rishi Sunak has installed veteran trade minister Greg Hands as the new chief at CCHQ in a reshuffle.

Greg Hands replaces Nadhim Zahawi as Tory chairman: Rishi Sunak installs multi-lingual ex-Remainer

Mr Sunak is believed to have struggled to find someone willing to fill the role, and his choice of Mr Hands in a role linking the Government with the party faithful may raise some eyebrows.

Rishi Sunak will shake up his Cabinet team TODAY

Rishi Sunak is expected to install veteran trade minister Greg Hands as the new chief at CCHQ, more than a week after Nadhim Zahawi was sacked.

Rishi Sunak is to announce mini-reshuffle TODAY

Trade minister Greg Hands and Business Secretary Grant Shapps are being touted as potential replacements.

Tory MPs urge Rishi Sunak to fill chairman role and get 'battle ready' as local elections loom 

There has been speculation that the chairman role will be difficult to fill with Labour 20 points ahead in the opinion polls and bruising local election results expected in May.

What Now for Rishi Sunak's Government as He Outlasts Liz Truss as PM?

Rishi Sunak has lasted twice as long as his predecessor Liz Truss, who was out of Downing Street just six weeks after taking over from Boris Johnson. But economic woes, poor poll ratings and his lack of a mandate from voters may limit what he can...

Rishi Sunak slams Keir Starmer over strikes during PMQs

Rishi Sunak swiped at Keir Starmer for opposing the government's 'minimum service' law on strikes, as well trying to water down a crackdown on disruptive protests.

Tory peer Lord Baker's phone rings FOUR times during Newsnight interview

Lord Baker was addressing questions about whether Prime Minister Rishi Sunak mishandled the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi and the bullying accusations levelled at Dominic Raab.

HAŞMET BABAOĞLU / Gülünçleştirme operasyonu

İngiltere'de seçmen olduğunuzu düşünün... Sandık, mandık... Hikâye! İngilizler "Ülkemizi kim yönetiyor?" sorusuna tek cevap veriyorlar artık: "Bürokrasi ve finans sektörü." *** Ama havalarına laf...

Rishi Sunak's popularity nosedives among Tory members amid Zahawi tax row and economic problems

Backing for the Prime Minister among Conservative grassroots has fallen by three quarters in the wake of Nadhim Zahawi's tax revelations.

What's next for Nadhim Zahawi following his political downfall? 

Nadhim Zahawi has previously described how, aged 11, he sat at the back of a classroom in the UK 'unable to speak a word of English'.

Shamed ex-minister Nadhim Zahawi refuses to go quietly after being fired over tax affairs

The Prime Minister dismissed the former vaccines minister for a 'serious breach of the ministerial code' less than two hours after receiving a report by ethics chief Sir Laurie Magnus.

ANDREW PIERCE: Nadhim Zahawi was never going to jump before he was pushed

ANDREW PIERCE: Nadhim Zahawi expressed no remorse, failed to admit any wrongdoing and pointedly included no apology for his conduct, seeking to blame others for his mistakes.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: A brutal sacking but Nadhim Zahawi had to go 

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: For several days Nadhim Zahawi has been clinging on to his job as Tory party chairman by a thread. Yesterday the thread finally snapped.

Sacked Tory chairman Nadhim Zahawi aims at the media - as Rees-Mogg pushes Boris Johnson for job

Nadhim Zahawi (pictured) yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Press over media reports that ended his career in frontline politics after he was sacked as Tory chairman.

Could Boris Johnson become Tory chairman? Former PM is backed for position by Jacob Rees-Mogg

Senior Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has today backed former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to replace sacked Nadhim Zahawi as Conservative Party chairman.

Nadhim Zahawi SACKED by Rishi Sunak for 'serious breach' of ministerial rules over tax row 

The departing Tory chairman has been engulfed in a row over his tax affairs after he admitted to paying a penalty to HMRC.

Nadhim Zahawi is on the brink as rivals 'audition' for his job as Tory Chairman

The Mail on Sunday was told that three Cabinet Ministers appeared to be 'auditioning' for the role at last week's Cabinet away-day at Chequers.

'When dealing with any bully, only decisive action works - we have to support Ukraine'

From Germany lending Leopard tanks to the Nadhim Zahawi tax row - Telegraph readers discuss this week's hot topics in the news