I assumed my stomach cramps were down to my period... but they turned out to be an ultra-rare cancer which left me planning my own funeral in my 30s

Faye Louise, from West Sussex, began experiencing severe menstrual cramps a few years ago and was referred for an ultrasound by her GP in the spring.

The pesky gene that could make you 20kg heavier: Leading expert reveals how mutation can leave you addicted to junk food... but insists getting dealt a 'bad hand' doesn't mean you're destined to be fat

Every day we choose what meals, snacks and drinks we'd like to tuck into. But rather than this choice being completely within our control, genes could be dictating what, and how much, we eat.

Beer fear! What is REALLY happening to your brain the morning after a big night out and how you can combat that crippling 'hangxiety'

The feeling of 'hangxiety' after a night out can be crippling. MailOnline spoke to experts and doctors about what 'hangxiety' really is and how you can combat the extreme emotions.

Hard pill to swallow... A grateful world was only introduced to Viagra because one Welsh ex-miner - and the nurse he confided in - overcame their embarrassment to reveal a startling side effect!

A female nurse clinician overseeing a drug trial in the early 1990s posed a question that she noticed the male volunteers were reluctant to address.

Ultra-processed food manufacturers are just as bad as 'Big Tobacco', claims renowned expert who slams industry giants for selling 'addictive' items with same techniques

Dr Chris van Tulleken, associate professor at University College London, claimed major food producers were putting the pursuit of profits above public health.

The stress of having kids may feel like it's taking years off your life... But raising children might actually keep you alive for longer!

Studies from the University of Michigan show that people who have children are more likely to live to the age of 76 - with two offspring appearing to be the most beneficial. decades.

Lawmakers seek action against Elf Bar and other fruity e-cigarettes imported from China

House lawmakers are demanding information on federal efforts to stop the influx of kid-appealing electronic cigarettes from China

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why being cold is good for your brain, sleep and waistline... And it helped my son after his first-floor plunge

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: One of the reasons for my particular interest in the power of the cold is that, many years ago, it helped protect my eldest son, Alex.

Mexico raids and closes 31 pharmacies in Ensenada that were selling fentanyl-laced pills

Mexican authorities have raided and closed 31 drug stores in the Baja California coastal city of Ensenada, after they were detected selling false or fentanyl-laced pills

Safety alert over medical-grade omega-3 pills: EU health chiefs warn certain capsules may raise the risk of irregular heartbeat

European Medicines Agency (EMA) chiefs now say an irregular heartbeat side effect is 'common' after reviewing decades of evidence.

NHS hospitals have started banning visitors after a surge in norovirus as health chiefs fear impending Covid wave sparked by explosive new variant

Some 498 beds were occupied by norovirus patients or closed as part of infection control measures last week, up 19 per cent compared to seven days earlier, NHS England data shows.

The White House is threatening the patents of high-priced drugs developed with taxpayer dollars

The Biden administration is putting pharmaceutical companies on notice

Two babies infected with dangerous bacteria sometimes found in powdered infant formula

A Kentucky child is dead and a Missouri infant has brain damage from the same kind of bacteria that sparked powdered formula recalls and shortages last year

Flaxseeds may reduce risk of BREAST CANCER, study suggests

Researchers in Nebraska and Canada found that lignans in flaxseed led to a lower chance of developing breast cancer due to the relationship they have on the gut microbiome.

Motorist fined £88 for 'littering' when he was caught WEEING in a layby gets penalty overturned... after proving he has a weak bladder (and now the 69-year-old vows to keep a receptacle in his car in case of another emergency!)

Michael Mason, 69, from Winslow, Bucks, was fined £88 for 'littering' after weeing in a layby. But a £30 letter from the GP to prove he has prostate cancer saw the fine binned.

What is JN.1? Explosive new Covid variant is taking off in Britain amid fears of impending wave which will cause carnage in NHS hospitals already juggling winter woes of norovirus, flu and '100-day cough'

The strain, dubbed JN.1, was behind one in 13 cases in England last month and is out performing all other strains in how quickly it is spreading.

Boris Johnson apologises for UK’s handling of Covid pandemic | BBC News

Boris Johnson has apologised, at the UK’s official inquiry into the Covid pandemic, for the way his government handled the crisis. The former Prime Ministe...

White House delays menthol cigarette ban, alarming anti-smoking advocates

The White House is pushing back a plan to ban menthol cigarettes, an unexpected delay that quickly sparked criticism from anti-smoking groups

Dengue fever is on the rise in Mali with more than 20 deaths, health director says

Authorities say dengue fever is on the rise in Mali, posing a new threat to the West African nation struggling with extremist attacks and political turbulence

Pope says he's 'much better' after bout of bronchitis

Pope Francis says he's “much better” after a two-week bout of bronchitis but says speaking still makes him tired

Montana girl, 8, is suffering crippling obsessive compulsive disorder that's so bad she refuses to wear CLOTHES due to 'static feel' - as she travels 1,000 miles for 'life-changing' therapy

Eight-year-old Claire Hamnes, right, suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional defiance disorder , and anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.