San Francisco mayor announces the city will receive pandas from China

San Francisco is the latest U_S_ city preparing to receive a pair of pandas from China, in a continuation of Beijing’s famed “panda diplomacy.”

China plans to send San Diego Zoo more pandas this year, reigniting its panda diplomacy

China is planning to send a new pair of giant pandas to the San Diego Zoo after nearly all the iconic bears in the U.S. were returned to the Asian country in recent years

China calls for peaceful coexistence and promises pandas on the 45th anniversary of U.S.-China ties

China’s foreign minister says the United States and China must insist on peaceful coexistence and transcend their differences like they did when they established diplomatic relations 45 years ago this week

Secret trip by Henry Kissinger grew into a half-century-long relationship with China

Henry Kissinger is being remembered positively in China as an envoy who was willing to overlook ideological differences at the height of the Cold War and long after

Giant panda Fan Xing leaves a Dutch zoo for her home country China

She will join a breeding program that's helping preserve the vulnerable species.

First panda born in France says goodbye and heads to China

The first panda ever born in France bid farewell to the French zoo where it grew up and set off Tuesday for its new home in China

Panda twins born in South Korea for the 1st time

A giant panda has given birth to twin cubs at a theme park in South Korea

Panda twins born in South Korea for the 1st time

A giant panda has given birth to twin cubs at a theme park in South Korea

China welcomes Ya Ya the panda home after 20 years abroad

Ya Ya the giant panda has landed in Shanghai after spending the past 20 years in the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee on loan

Chinese panda on long-term loan to Thailand dies suddenly

The animal was due to return home in six months.

Chinese panda on long-term loan to Thailand dies suddenly

A giant panda on long-term loan from China has died in a zoo in northern Thailand, six months before she was due to return home

Japan bids teary farewell to pandas sent to reserve in China

Japanese panda fans bid teary farewells to their idols Xiang Xiang, “super papa” Eimei and his twin daughters who were sent to China to live in a protected facility in Sichuan province

Japanese bid farewell to beloved panda returning to China

Thousands of Japanese fans, some wiping away tears, bid farewell to a beloved Japanese-born giant panda that made her final public appearance before flying to her home country, China

San Diego Zoo celebrates Chinese New Year

SAN DIEGO, the United States, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- The San Diego Zoo, which has the largest number of annual visitors among U.S. zoos, kicked off a two-day special event on Saturday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Paul Baribault, president and...

Symbol of reunion with China, panda Tuan Tuan dies in Taipei

Tuan Tuan, one of two giant pandas gifted to Taiwan from China as a symbol of hoped-for reunion between the sides, has died

Down to its last panda, Mexico ponders what could come next

Xin Xin, the last panda in Latin America, is not your average bear

China panda experts visit Taiwan in rare point of contact

Taiwan has welcomed a pair of experts from China to help with an ailing panda in a rare opportunity for contact between the sides