3 bodies recovered likely those of 2 Australians and American who went missing, prosecutors say

The state prosecutor’s office says three bodies recovered in an area of Mexico's Baja California are likely to be those of the two Australians and an American who went missing last weekend during a camping and surfing trip

Mexican forensic examiners are at a site in Baja California where 3 bodies were reportedly found

Mexican forensic examiners are at a remote site in Baja California where three bodies were reportedly found

A medical report on soccer legend Maradona's death aims to undercut homicide case against medics

A medical examiner’s report into the death of Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona has injected uncertainty into the criminal negligence case brought against those involved in his care

Fishermen spot boat with 20 corpses floating off the coast of northeastern Brazil, reports say

Local news reports say a small boat full of decomposing corpses has been spotted by fishermen off Brazil’s northeastern coast

Forensic police find a 10th body in the charred remnants of a Spanish apartment building

The death toll in a fire that engulfed an apartment block in the Spanish city of Valencia has risen to 10 after forensic police found one more body inside the charred building Saturday

Appeals court rules that the case of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's death be reopened

An appeals court in Chile’s capital has ruled that the case of Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda's death be reopened, saying the investigation has not been exhausted

Navalny death investigation

CNN's John Vause speaks to a forensics expert about the mysterious death of the Russian opposition leader.

Journalists, lawyers and activists hacked with Pegasus spyware in Jordan, forensic probe finds

A new report says Israeli-made Pegasus spyware was used in Jordan to hack the cellphones of nearly three dozen people, including journalists, lawyers and human rights activists

Brutality of Hamas attack seen at Israel morgue

CNN's Sara Sidner visits a makeshift morgue, where forensic experts, doctors and rabbis work to identify and lay to rest some of those killed in Hamas' October 7 attack.

CNN forensic analysis suggests what may have caused Gaza hospital blast

CNN's forensic analysis of videos and photos suggests the deadly hospital explosion occurred after a rocket launched from within Gaza broke up midair and partly landed on the medical complex. CNN's Jeremy Diamond reports.

West Virginia pathologists perform twice as many autopsies as industry standard amid shortages

Forensic pathologists in West Virginia are being asked to perform twice as many autopsies as the national best practice standard, resulting in significant delays

1994 cold case solved with help of DNA

Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Chief Kevin Davis details how DNA played a part in solving a murder from 1994.

Dominican officials say it may take months to identify all 27 people killed in this week's explosion

Authorities in the Dominican Republic say it could take months to identify all of the 27 victims who died in a powerful explosion near the country's capital this week

Police dig up backyard of Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect’s home

Police are using ground-penetrating radar technology and a backhoe to dig outside the home of Gilgo Beach serial killing suspect Rex Heuermann to see if they...

Unlikely suspect arrested in Gilgo Beach murders

The remains of four women were found near Gilgo Beach in Long Island, New York, more than a decade ago. Investigators say DNA evidence and cellphone data now point to a murder suspect. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

Work begins in Spain to exhume bodies of 128 Franco victims buried anonymously at mausoleum

Initial forensic work has begun to try to exhume the bodies of 128 victims of late dictator Francisco Franco’s forces who are among tens of thousands of people buried anonymously in the Valle de Cuelgamuros mausoleum, formerly known as the...

DNA led to arrest of Boston serial rapist suspect, prosecutor says

Investigators in Boston have used DNA analysis to identify and charge a suspect, 35-year-old Matthew Nilo, in the sexual assaults of four women whose cases have gone unsolved for over a decade, according to prosecutors. CNN's Jason Carroll reports.

DNA is used to track Thailand's trafficked tigers

Three tiger cubs were rescued from traffickers by authorities in Thailand as part of a crack down on the illegal wildlife trade in the country. A wildlife forensic scientist has tested the cubs' DNA to determine where they came from. Genetic...

Families of Montreal fire victims facing agonizing wait

Family and friends of the presumed victims of a deadly fire in Old Montreal are facing an agonizing wait as a recovery team works to enter the charred shell of the building where two bodies have been found and five people remain missing

Prosecutors end their rebuttal after calling six witnesses in Alex Murdaugh's murder trial

A day after defense attorneys rested their case in Alex Murdaugh's weekslong double murder trial, prosecutors on Tuesday intend to call a handful of rebuttal witnesses before the jury visits Murdaugh's sprawling South Carolina estate where his...