I thought I had a cold... but after I coughed up a blood clot doctors found stage 4 cancer

Natalie Sue from Florida (pictured) had no idea her months-long cough, which she developed after getting a cold, would turn into stage 4 melanoma and she would be fighting for her life.

Laughter really is the best medicine! From easing back pain to keeping your heart healthy- experts tell DailyMail.com of the 6 surprising benefits of a 10 minute chuckle

Laughter works wonders for your mental and physical health, with an ever-expanding body of research pointing to its healing powers of reducing stress and easing pain.

Doctors thought my back pain was creaky joints... it was actually a golf ball-sized tumor in my colon

Mark Swanson (pictured) from Ohio revealed he broke down and cried when doctors told him he had stage 3 colon cancer after he underwent surgery for what he thought was a benign condition.

The six medical appointments you should NEVER miss - the ultimate guide to the doctors to visit every year

Experts have revealed the six vital medical appointments that all Americans should be making every year in order to protect their longterm health.

Food from a fancy restaurant in Paris left me PARALYZED after contracting listeria - but a 'unique' treatment in Turkey restored my ability to walk

Patanjali Chary, 53, from Spain went from not being able to speak, eat or move to regaining his ability to walk after being treated at Acibadem hospital in Bodrum, Turkey.

Experts reveal the chaos that unfolds inside the body when you go just one night without sleep

Speaking to DailyMail.com, experts have detailed the processes that play out when we can't sleep - whether it's a late night or several days without shut eye.

Revealed: How many alcoholic drinks you'd need to consume to gain exactly one pound of fat

Nicole Powell, a wellness TikToker in the UK, has calculated how much of your favorite drinks you can have before gaining a pound of body fat, which range from 15 cocktails to 66 shots.

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists find a NEW bat coronavirus linked to pangolins that has same freak mutation as Covid - and some experts say it shoots down the lab leak theory

Researchers in China have found another bat coronavirus that possesses a furin cleavage site - the part that made Covid-19 so good at infecting people.

Experts reveal which virus is most likely to cause the next pandemic - and where it will come from

DailyMail.com spoke to three virus experts who agreed a respiratory virus - spread via droplets from coughs and sneezes - was most likely to trigger the next fast spreading disease that causes a global shutdown.

Doctor explains why men and women suffer DIFFERENT symptoms of a STROKE... and the signs to look out for - after catastrophic condition hit Hailey Bieber

It's well-known that heart attack symptoms can differ, depending on your gender. But now, a senior physician has warned that the same applies to signs of a deadly stroke

When pleasure becomes poison: Sex toys may release toxic nanoplastics into users genitals

US sex tester Deon Black was about to try a clitorial vibrator with his girlfriend when it suddenly became very hot and burned him. He has now started a petition to the FDA for more testing of sex toys.

Two major studies reveal devastating effect of PFAS and food additives on male and female sexual health: From sperm damage to smaller testicles, early menopause and ovary cysts

In two new reviews of scientific literature from across the globe, researchers looked at the impact of exposure to EDCs on male and female reproductive health.

EXCLUSIVE: I spent $12,000 getting devil horns and 100 piercings in my face. My mental health has never been better

Jessy Kirkpatrick (pictured), 27, from Kansas, who is nonbinary, claims weightlifting and body modifications have helped them fight their ongoing battle with the eating disorder anorexia.

EXCLUSIVE: Could 'foreskin regeneration' be the making of the next medical millionaire? Scientists develop technique to regrow penis skin in lab - as 40% of circumcised men say they were too young to consent

An online survey published by the Cultural Currents Institute in New York found 40 percent of circumcised men would pay to get their foreskin back. One in ten went as far as to suggest they would fork out more than $20,000 for the procedure.

I thought I was just prone to bug bites - it turns out I had SKIN CANCER nine times

Molly, who goes by HR_Molly on social media, thought she just had acne and bug bites. It turned out to be skin cancer, which she has now had nine times in her face, ears, back, chest, and stomach.

I wore Meghan Markle's $80 anti-stress patches for 10 days - here's what happened

When Meghan Markle stepped out in a $1,600 wool coat, Hermes scarf and Chanel flats last month, it wasn't her outfit that caught attention. A sticker on her wrist was the attenton-grabber.

These are the most bizarre side effects of drugs taken by millions of people every day - after a baby in Thailand's eyes changed color from Covid meds

No medication is free of side effects which typically range from the innocuous fatigue to the life-threatening skin rash that causes burnt flesh to slough off in sheets and nocturnal snack binges.

EXCLUSIVE: Florida vape addict, 19, smokes a hole in his LUNG after getting hooked on e-cigarettes in high school

A teenager is vowing to quit his vaping addiction after the dangerous habit caused one of his lungs to collapse. After doctors diagnosed him they said they couldn't find any other reason besides vaping.

TikToker swabs her body to find out which part harbors the most bacteria - and is disgusted by what she discovers

Chloe Fitzpatrick, a designer in Scotland, tested five areas of her body to find out which was infested with the most bacteria. She was shocked by the results.

'Giving birth in middle-age made us better moms!' These two women said forget retirement and got pregnant in their FIFTIES - and a record number in US are doing the same

Karen Wilson, 53, from Florida, conceived twins in 2022 via IVF. She told DailyMail.com: 'The best thing about being an older mom is the appreciation of the privilege.'

Vaping may lower men's sperm counts and shrink their testicles, study suggests

Men who vape may be more prone to lower sperm counts and a decreased ability to reproduce compared with those who do not use tobacco at all, a study by Turkish scientists suggests.