Israel must respect UN court, control settler violence in the West Bank, says EU foreign chief

EU chief says Israel must end its offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

EU foreign chief says Israel must respect UN court, control settler violence

The U.N. top court's ruled Israel must end its offensive in Rafah.

UN court order demanding that Israel halt its Gaza offensive further isolates US position

The military operation in Rafah faces mounting international condemnation.

Danish court throws out claim that a patient's rights were violated when she wasn't given vegan food

A woman in Denmark did not have her human rights violated when she was not given vegan food by a hospital when hospitalized two years ago

Dumping oil at sea leads to $2 million fine for shipping companies

Two shipping companies agreed to pay $2 million in penalties after pleading guilty to federal charges related to the dumping of oil in the Atlantic Ocean by a ship bound for New Orleans

Egyptians accused in deadly shipwreck released from Greek jail after court dismissed the case

A group of Egyptians jailed for nearly a year pending trial for a deadly shipwreck have been released from jail in southern Greece, a day after a Greek court threw out the case against them on grounds that it had no jurisdiction to try it

Hawaii court orders drug companies to pay $916 million in Plavix blood thinner lawsuit

Hawaii's attorney general says a court has ordered the manufacturers and distributors of the blood thinner Plavix to pay the state a combined $916 million after finding the companies failed to disclose the efficacy and safety of the medication

Hong Kong will keep watching internet platforms for non-compliance with ban on protest song

Hong Kong’s leader says his government will keep monitoring for any non-compliance with a court order that bans a popular protest song

France supports application for Benjamin Netanyahu arrest warrant in break with Western allies

Belgium and Slovenia also backed the move.

Drone pilot can't offer mapping without North Carolina surveyor's license, court says

A federal appeals court says a North Carolina regulatory board didn’t violate a drone pilot’s constitutional rights when it told him to stop advertising and offering aerial map services because he lacked a surveyor's license

Ireland's top diplomat concerned over slow pace of justice in peacekeeper's killing

Ireland’s top diplomat has expressed concerns about the slow progress of criminal proceedings against several Lebanese men charged with the killing of an Irish peacekeeper in Lebanon

Russian court freezes assets of 2 German banks in gas project dispute

The Russian state news agency Tass says a court in St. Petersburg has ordered the seizing of assets of Germany's Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in Russia

WikiLeaks founder facing pivotal moment in long fight to stay out of US court

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces what could be his final court hearing in England over whether he should be extradited to the United States to face spying charges

Google wants judge, not jury, decide upcoming antitrust case in Virginia

Google is asking that a federal judge, rather than a jury, decide whether it violated U.S. antitrust laws by building a monopoly on the technology that powers online advertising

Kosovo makes last-minute push to get its membership in Council of Europe approved in a Friday vote

Kosovo’s government is making a last-minute effort to convince Western powers to vote on whether to admit the country as a new member in the Council of Europe, the continent’s top human rights body

Supreme Court sides with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, spurning a conservative attack

The Supreme Court has rejected a conservative-led attack that could've undermined the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Turkey sentences pro-Kurdish politicians to lengthy prison terms over deadly 2014 riots

A Turkish court has sentenced dozens pro-Kurdish politicians to between nine and 30 years in prison over deadly riots that broke out in 2014 by after Islamic State group militants besieged the Syrian border town of Kobani

Pakistan's Imran Khan appears via video link before a top court, for 1st time since his sentencing

Pakistani officials say imprisoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan has appeared before a top court via video link, his first such appearance since he started serving his sentence for corruption last August

Yonhap news agency says Seoul court has ruled in favor of the government’s plan to boost medical school admissions

Yonhap news agency says Seoul court has ruled in favor of the government’s plan to boost medical school admissions

South Korean court rejects effort to block plan that would boost medical school admissions

A South Korean court ruled in favor of the government’s contentious plan to drastically boost medical school admissions on Thursday

The top UN court is holding hearings on the Israeli military's incursion into Rafah

The United Nations’ top court is opening two days of hearings into a request from South Africa to make sure Israel halts its military operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah