'We're not winning... this charade should stop,' says relative of Israeli hostage

Zahiro-Shahar Mor, whose elderly uncle is still captive in Gaza, accuses the Israeli government of misleading the public, and failing the remaining hostages.

Any hope for Hamas hostages?

Hamas reportedly took at least 150 hostages - including members of the Israeli military, regular citizens ranging from children to the elderly, and Americans. Is there any hope of rescuing them in this situation?

Elderly couple among hostages taken from kibbutz

Sharone Lifschitz speaks to CNN about her elderly parents, who were taken by Hamas from their kibbutz in Israel.

Store shelves serving as beds in Greek town hit hard by deadly flooding

The Greek town of Palamas is still reeling after one of the country's worst storms in decades set off major flooding that killed at least 10 people. One man says he's resorted to using store shelves as makeshift beds for his elderly mother and aunt.

Woman finds success on social media portraying 'boomer mom'

Kristen Knutson is known as "Boomer Mom" and she got a global following after she started creating comedic content during the pandemic. CNN affiliate KARE speaks with the viral millennial.

Video shows aftermath of deadly highway collision

At least 15 people have died after a truck collided with a bus carrying senior citizens in a rural portion of Canada's Manitoba province, according to local authorities. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

"The Bachelor" senior citizen edition is coming

ABC has given the green light to a senior citizen version of "The Bachelor" this fall.

Fixing Social Security involves hard choices

There's a reason why politicians have long shied away from addressing Social Security's massive financial problems. The commonly proposed solutions involve cutting benefits or raising taxes, which would spark an outcry from a range of powerful...

Japan already had a problem with recluses. The pandemic made it worse

Across Japan, nearly 1.5 million people have withdrawn from society, leading reclusive lives largely confined within the walls of their home, according to a new government survey.

Chinese cities are so broke, they're cutting medical benefits for seniors

China's government, strapped for cash after years of enforcing a costly zero-Covid policy, is cutting medical benefits and planning to raise the retirement age, in deeply unpopular moves that are fueling widespread public anger.

This community went 25 years without a newborn, underscoring the severity of Japan's population crisis

When Kentaro Yokobori was born almost seven years ago, he was the first newborn in the Sogio district of Kawakami village in 25 years. His birth was like a miracle for many villagers.

CNN went to rural China after zero-Covid. Here's what we found

In China's southern Guizhou province, there's a tiny village in the southeast corner, nestled deep within the mountains, called Dali. A wall of lush green trees and bamboo surround this village of about one-thousand people, who've lived in wooden...

Leading US doctor says he won't get treatment if he gets cancer after 75

"You can't go blindly into old age," says Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who plans to stop seeking any medical interventions after age 75. "Which I think unfortunately happens to many, many people, and the medical system will do what the medical system...

Senior citizens won't pay more than $35 a month for insulin as new drug provisions kick in

Senior citizens and other Medicare enrollees can now get a break on the cost of their insulin.

Ukrainian postal workers deliver pensions as shells explode in the distance

CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from the town of Siversk, Ukraine, where a mobile post office has become a lifeline for the elderly as it delivers their state pensions to buy supplies from the handful of shops still open.

Senior citizens will soon get that big hike in their Social Security benefits

Senior citizens and other Social Security recipients will start getting a heftier monthly benefit next month due to an 8.7% annual cost-of-living adjustment aimed at helping them cope with high inflation.

Gen-Z reporter's communication tips crack up Gen-X anchors

New York Times business reporter and Gen-Z member Emma Goldberg explains how older workers can improve communication with younger colleagues.

As China moves away from zero-Covid, health experts warn of dark days ahead

China's zero-Covid policy, which stalled the world's second-largest economy and sparked a wave of unprecedented protests, appears to be unraveling as city after city relaxes some of the draconian measures that ultimately failed to bring the virus...

Analysis: China signals it could soften its zero-Covid policy, but there are more questions than answers

China has given its most significant signal yet that the country may seek to adjust its stringent zero-Covid policy that has transformed daily life, roiled its economy and -- in recent days -- sparked a wave of protests across the country.