Watch California rain create massive lake in Death Valley

Due to heavy rainfall in California, a temporary lake has formed in Death Valley National Park, the driest place in the US. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports.

Onboard the Odysseus

CNN's Tom Foreman shows us some of the high tech equipment inside the U.S. spacecraft that just landed on the Moon, and what scientists hope it can accomplish.

'With all due respect ... what?': CNN anchor reacts to Tuberville's comments on embryo ruling

Former Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) reacts to Sen. Tommy Tuberville's (R-AL) comments on the Alabama Supreme Court frozen embryo ruling.

CNN reporter on potential risk factors for type of dementia Wendy Williams has

CNN health reporter Jacqueline Howard discusses former talk show host Wendy Williams' diagnosis of progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia.

CNN 10: The big stories of the day, explained in 10 minutes

Today on CNN 10, we talk about the unfolding humanitarian crisis in war-torn Sudan. Our International Climate Editor reviews the European Union's ambitious plan to cut 90 percent of its carbon pollution by 2040. Then, we take you to an ice...

NASA is looking for people to live in its Mars simulator - Here's what it takes to get the job

NASA is seeking applicants to participate in its next simulated one-year Mars surface mission to help inform the agency's plans for human exploration of the Red Planet.

WHO official: Civilians facing starvation, malnutrition and traumatic injuries in Gaza

Dr. Richard Brennan, Regional Emergency Director at the World Health Organization tells CNN's John Vause there will be long-term consequences impacting Palestinians across Gaza as thousands of children and elderly face starvation and malnutrition.

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics melds lifelike robots with AI

Julia Chatterley speaks to David Hanson, the founder & CEO of Hanson Robotics, about the firm's humanoid robots.

How AI may be preventing you from landing a job interview

Companies are turning to automation and forms of artificial intelligence to speed up the hiring process, but the systems aren't perfect. One study found programs like applicant tracking systems mistakenly rejected the resumes from candidates...

See how a new AI tool is creating videos

OpenAI introduced a new AI model called Sora, which it claims can create "realistic" and "imaginative" 60-second videos from text prompts. CNN analyst Sara Fischer explains why the product raises concerns.

Meteorologist explains 'rare' weather risk in California

Emergency officials in California have issued evacuation warnings in parts of the state as millions brace for another round of flooding in regions that are already saturated. CNN's Derek Van Dam explains.

Tech giants pledge to crack down on AI deep fakes

CNN's Kim Brunhuber speaks with Noah Giansiracusa, a math sciences professor at Bentley University, about how AI-generated misinformation threatens election integrity, and what can be done about it.

500-gallon underground propane tank leads to catastrophic explosion

Officials in Sterling, Virginia say one firefighter died and at least 13 others were injured after a home exploded while the fire crew was inside checking a gas leak. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports.

Journalist who helped expose the plot to kill Navalny has theory on how he died

Christo Grozev, a Bulgarian journalist who exposed the operatives behind Alexei Navalny's poisoning in 2020 and is included in Russian President Vladimir Putin's "most-wanted" list, discusses his theories on what lead to the sudden death of the...

The fate of Putin's enemies

Vladimir Putin's biggest adversaries, from Navalny to Prigozhin to Nemtsov, have met with untimely ends, whether by poisoning, plane crash, or murder.

These 3 key stretches can even make couch potatoes feel better

Make TV time truly restful with three key stretches you can do on the couch, from strength and conditioning specialist Dana Santas.

Navalny jokes about why Russian official was hacked

The 2022 Oscar-winning CNN Film "Navalny" follows Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny through his political rise, poisoning and search for the truth. A special encore of "CNN Films: Navalny" will air on CNN US on Saturday, February 17 at 9...

'What the f***': Hear Navalny's first words after poisoning

The 2022 Oscar-winning CNN Film "Navalny" follows Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny, through his political rise, attempted assassination and search to uncover the truth. A special encore of "CNN Films: Navalny" will air on CNN US on...

Astrophysicist explains why he's 'skeptical' of danger of Russian anti-satellite capability

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson joins CNN's Abby Phillip to discuss US intelligence that Russia is developing anti-satellite capability.

Women are the key to combating the climate crisis, says leading scientist

After winning his landmark defamation case, climate scientist Michael Mann joins Christiane Amanpour to discuss the environmental crisis playing out across our planet.

Video: Vehicle crashes into emergency room in Austin, Texas

One person is dead and several are injured after a vehicle crashed into the emergency room of St. David's North Austin Medical Center in Texas. The crash does not appear intentional, according to Austin Police.