Here's when a social psychologist recommends letting your child use smartphones and social media

Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist and author of "The Anxious Generation", explains the dangers of exposing children and teens to smartphones and social media before a certain age and offers tips for parents on how to handle these challenges.

Florida teen pulls out gun in crowd of spring breakers

Bodycam footage from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows a teenager being chased by police after pulling out a gun on a crowded beach full of spring breakers. The 16-year-old is being charged as an adult.

Bodycam video shows fatal shooting of teen with autism

California sheriff's deputies fatally shot a teenager with autism,15-year-old Ryan Gainer, who was holding a gardening tool, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and a family attorney said. CNN's Camila Bernal reports.

Idris Elba speaks to CNN

Actor, DJ and entrepreneur Idris Elba spoke with me about his early days in acting, raising his children and his new project -- an eco-city off the coast of Sierra Leone.

The internet is trolling an 'immersive' Willy Wonka experience. CNN talked to the actor who played Wonka

Families attending a Willy Wonka-inspired event in Glasgow, Scotland, were promised "optical marvels" and "extraordinary props" for a £35 ($44) ticket but were disappointed when they arrived. CNN talked to Paul Connell, the actor hired to play...

CNN speaks with father of slain Palestinian-American teen

CNN's Nic Robertson speaks with the father of Tawfic Abdel Jabbar, a Palestinian-American teen who was killed the West Bank, about his struggle to get answers about the events that led up to his son's death.

'I just want justice for my baby boy': Parents of decapitated newborn share their story

A medical examiner released the manner of death for a baby whose mother accused a Georgia hospital and others of decapitating during delivery, ruling it a homicide. CNN's Isabel Rosales reports.

A toddler got stuck in a claw machine. See what happened next

A three-year-old toddler climbed inside a claw machine filled with toys in northeastern Australia on January 27. See how police managed to rescue the child.

Video shows possible first wild sighting of newborn great white shark

Drone footage shot off the coast of Southern California may have revealed the first-ever glimpse of a newborn great white shark in the wild. CNN's Rosemary Church talks with wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna, who was involved in capturing the footage.

Bodycam shows moment police use flash bang on home with toddler on ventilator

Police in Elyria, Ohio, deployed exploding flash-bangs while raiding a home last week while a toddler on a ventilator was inside, newly released body-worn camera footage shows, and the mother says her child was harmed during the incident.

Parents shocked when they learn why toddler requested scissors at 3am

A toddler's request for scissors in the middle of the night leads his parents to discover a scene of unwrapped Christmas presents.

'Wokeness killed Han Solo': Adam driver hosts SNL

During his stint as host of "Saturday Night Live", Adam Driver shares his wish list to Santa, appears as a baby on his first flight and cast member Chloe Fineman shares a sexy gift idea for this holiday.

Parents' group working toward peace amid Israeli-Hamas war

CNN's Kim Brunhuber speaks with Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan, former directors of the "Parents Circle - Families Forum." It's a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization, founded in 1995, of more than 600 families, all of whom have lost an...

W.H.O.: 28 neonatal babies evacuated from Gaza to Egypt

More than two dozen newborn babies are now safe in Egypt after being evacuated from Gaza on Monday. CNN's Eleni Giokos shares their dangerous journey to safety.

CNN gets access to hospital in Egypt treating patients from Gaza

Hospital in Egypt on call to receive some of Gaza's most vulnerable patients. CNN's Eleni Giokos reports on efforts to bring neonatal babies from Gaza to Egypt and the families that are already being treated there.

Doctors in Gaza hospital forced to remove premature babies from incubators as supplies run out

CNN's Nada Bashir reports on the healthcare crisis in northern Gaza as only one hospital is left operational.

Iranian teen dies following alleged assault by morality police

Armita Geravand, a teenage Iranian girl who fell into a coma after she was allegedly assaulted by the country's morality police for not wearing a headscarf has died, according to Iranian state media.

'God loaned him to us': Grandfather remembers teen killed at skating rink

Deshon DuBose was a 13-year-old honor roll student and prolific volunteer. He was shot and killed outside a skating rink in January. This video is part of a CNN series of profiles of gun victims -- a daily reminder of the many young lives lost...

Anderson Cooper shares footage he obtained of kidnapped American whose parents he interviewed

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with the parents of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a 23-year-old American who was wounded and kidnapped by Hamas at an Israeli music festival. Cooper discovered he had unknowingly obtained footage from an Israeli soldier of...

Gaza hospital has over 130 newborn patients but is about to run out of fuel

CNN's Clarissa Ward spoke to Dr. Marwan Abusada, chief of surgery at Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, about civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel continues to target Hamas with airstrikes.

'Wolf Like Me' expands for season two

Isla Fisher, Josh Gad, and Ariel Donoghue return to the single-dad-meets-werewolf series, facing pregnancy and a figure from the past. David Daniel talks with the show's creator about the new season.