Cindy McCain on Gaza crisis: 'Children are dying as we speak'

World Food Programme Executive Director Cindy McCain tells CNN's Jake Tapper that "we're literally on the brink of going over the edge, over the cliff with famine and not being able to recover from it."

Firefighter breaks down as he learns father was killed in Russian strike

Firefighters trying to rescue residents from the rubble of an apartment building were among four victims killed in a Russian drone strike. 10 other people were injured in the attack.

See landslide engulf road after earthquake hits Taiwan

A dashcam camera captured a large landslide coming down a mountain in Taiwan, triggered by the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that killed several people and left thousands of homes without power on April 3.

Watch Netanyahu's response to killing of World Central Kitchen workers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israeli forces "unintentionally struck innocent people in the Gaza Strip" after an IDF strike killed at least seven workers from the World Central Kitchen aid organization.

Analyst: 'Confusion' on Israeli side over aid workers killed in IDF strike in Gaza

CNN political and global affairs analyst Barak Ravid discusses the deaths of at least five aid workers delivering food to starving civilians in Gaza who were killed in an Israeli military strike, according to non-profit group World Central Kitchen.

A Palestinian poet explains how he escaped Gaza, and what he left behind

Palestinian poet Mosab Abu Toha speaks to Christiane Amanpour about the threats to Palestinian culture, his family's perilous escape from Gaza and his 50-hour detention in Israel.

Israel admits killing 2 Palestinians and then burying them with a bulldozer after shocking video surfaces

The Israel Defense Forces have admitted killing two Palestinian men and burying their bodies with a bulldozer after Al Jazeera published a video purportedly showing the incident. In a statement to CNN, the IDF said the Israelis killed the men...

LeVar Burton recounts ad-libbed scene with 'Roots' co-star Louis Gossett Jr.

Emmy Award-winning actor LeVar Burton shares fond memories of performing scenes from "Roots" with the late Louis Gossett Jr., who died at the age of 87, according to a statement from his family.

'What else can we do?': Palestinian mother fights hunger with young children

As Israel's severe restrictions on aid entering the Gaza Strip drain essential supplies, displaced Palestinians tell CNN they are struggling to feed their children. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.

'Apologize in your next life': Video shows Myanmar pro-government militia torture rebel fighters to death

CNN's Anna Coren reports on videos obtained by CNN that show how torture and killings are being used by the military junta in Myanmar. The junta took control of the country from a democratically elected government in a coup in 2021.

Here's when a social psychologist recommends letting your child use smartphones and social media

Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist and author of "The Anxious Generation", explains the dangers of exposing children and teens to smartphones and social media before a certain age and offers tips for parents on how to handle these challenges.

2 fathers included in missing after deadly Baltimore bridge disaster

Six construction workers are presumed dead after a large cargo ship crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. CNN's Gabe Cohen reports on what we know about them.

CNN 10: The big stories of the day, explained in 10 minutes

Today on CNN 10, we head to Russia where that country is observing a national day of mourning after a terror attack that killed over 130 people at a popular concert hall near Moscow. Then, we breakdown a UN report on how electronic waste is piling...

Huge crowds pay respects outside Moscow terror attack venue

CNN's Matthew Chance reports from outside the Crocus City Hall in Moscow where huge crowds of people have been lining up in the rain to place flowers at a memorial to honor more than 130 people killed during a terror attack on March 22.

"We disobeyed in the way children sometimes do": Why Gabriel García Márquez's sons published posthumous novel

Son of Gabriel García Márquez Rodrigo García talks to Bianna Golodryga about the decision to publish his father's final novel 'Until August', ten years after his death.

Florida teen pulls out gun in crowd of spring breakers

Bodycam footage from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows a teenager being chased by police after pulling out a gun on a crowded beach full of spring breakers. The 16-year-old is being charged as an adult.

Mayor describes how Pennsylvania murder suspect was caught

Three people were killed in a pair of shootings in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, officials say. Police say the suspect carjacked a driver and fled across state lines to Trenton, New Jersey, where he was eventually arrested.

Bodycam video shows fatal shooting of teen with autism

California sheriff's deputies fatally shot a teenager with autism,15-year-old Ryan Gainer, who was holding a gardening tool, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and a family attorney said. CNN's Camila Bernal reports.

Students stand up against child labor in India

CNN's Vedika Sud speaks to students in India about combating child labor on #MyFreedomDay.

Students stand up against child labor in Hong Kong

Young people worldwide are speaking out on #MyFreedomDay, as CNN's Kristie Lu Stout speaks to students in Hong Kong about combating child labor.

The child labor behind açaí berries

CNN's Julia Vargas Jones ventures deep into Brazil's Amazon rainforest to witness child laborers climbing trees, some 7 stories tall, to harvest the açaí berries that often end up in high-priced smoothies in the West.