Mexican protesters break down door at President's palace

Protesters, demanding information on the 43 Mexican students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College who disappeared in 2014, made their way to the front doors of the National Palace in Mexico City, Wednesday.

See tumbleweeds inundate Utah neighborhood

This is not a Western cowboy film, it's a Utah neighborhood swarmed by tumbleweeds after days of high winds. City officials are working with residents to clear up the mess.

'Santos 2.0': New York special election candidate calls out opponent

Days out now from a special election for ousted former Rep. George Santos' New York congressional seat, an expensive and fiercely contested matchup between Democrat Tom Suozzi, 61, a former House member, against little-known Mazi Pilip, a...

Reporter details what we know about house shooting in Pennsylvania

Two police officers were injured after responding to a shooting at a house in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, a county law enforcement source told CNN. Brynn Gingras reports.

Rising crime is turning a once thriving city into a 'ghost town'

As violent crime continues to rise in Oakland, California, businesses are forced to close and once thriving ares are now empty. CNN's Veronica Miracle reports.

Phil Foden tells CNN why Manchester City feels unbeatable under Pep Guardiola

2023 was historic for Manchester City: a treble winning campaign and numerous plaudits and honors. One player who was integral to City's achievements was Phil Foden. The influential midfielder says under the leadership of manager Pep Guardiola,...

Top Mexican diplomat: Talks with U.S. officials 'very good'

U.S. officials met with Mexico's president Wednesday for talks aimed at easing the migrant crisis at their shared border. CNN's Rosa Flores reports from Eagle Pass, Texas, one of the U.S. towns at the center of the migrant surge.

How people in cities can positively impact wild environments around the world

Part 3 of CNN's third annual Call to Earth Day from Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi, hosted by Becky Anderson. From the inner city to the mangroves, the health of our shared home depends on people of all ages and in every community working...

Lion escaped circus and prowled streets in Italian seaside town

Video shows an 8-year-old escaped circus lion prowling the streets outside Rome. CNN's Barbie Nadeau reports.

New York City officials report increase in migrant arrivals following Abbott's ramped up busing operation

Days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott increased his busing operation, New York City officials say they are recording significant increases in the number of migrants arriving in the city.

In rural Ghana, where hospitals could be hours away, this CNN Hero is delivering care to thousands using a converted van

Growing up in Ghana, he lost his aunt and grandmother to preventable diseases. To help others, CNN Hero Osei Boateng converted a van into a mobile doctor's office. He's providing medical and mental health care to thousands while training...

This desert city is a center for sports

From figure skating to cycling, CNN uncovers Abu Dhabi through the lens of sports.

Amsterdam bans cruise liners in an effort to reduce mass tourism

Amsterdam will close a terminal in its city center, effectively banning large cruise ships from docking in the heart of the city. It's part of a plan for Amsterdam to limit the number and type of tourists visiting the city each year.

'Harder than I expected': Here's what happened when a group of rural Minnesotans welcomed a refugee family

A three-generation family from Africa is the first to arrive in the US — to a rural Minnesota community — under a new program called Welcome Corps, which allows groups of private citizens to sponsor refugees.

Intense rain and flash floods create misery in Vermont

The U.S. president declares a state of emergency for Vermont. Montpelier City Manager William Fraser tells CNN's Bianca Nobilo one of the dams may breach as flood levels remain frighteningly high.

Video shows aftermath of deadly highway collision

At least 15 people have died after a truck collided with a bus carrying senior citizens in a rural portion of Canada's Manitoba province, according to local authorities. CNN's Paula Newton reports.

New Yorkers react to smoky skies

Due in part to smoke from Canadian wildfires, New York City's air quality index was above 200 at one point -- a level that is "very unhealthy," according to IQair. The city had the worst quality of air of any major metropolitan area at that time....

Former city official attacked homeless person with bear spray prior to metal pipe attack, public defender says

The public defender representing the suspect accused of using a metal pipe to attack San Francisco Fire Department Commissioner Don Carmignani claims her client was not the aggressor in the incident, but rather was protecting himself after...

Video shows aftermath of parking garage collapse

One person has died in a parking garage collapse in lower Manhattan, according to a New York City official familiar with the situation.

Site of Atlanta's proposed 'Cop City' training center is partially closed after deadly traps found

A large portion of a public park near Atlanta on the proposed site of a police and fire training facility -- dubbed "Cop City" by critics -- has been temporarily closed by an executive order, after county officials said they located "life...

This community went 25 years without a newborn, underscoring the severity of Japan's population crisis

When Kentaro Yokobori was born almost seven years ago, he was the first newborn in the Sogio district of Kawakami village in 25 years. His birth was like a miracle for many villagers.