'I just want justice for my baby boy': Parents of decapitated newborn share their story

A medical examiner released the manner of death for a baby whose mother accused a Georgia hospital and others of decapitating during delivery, ruling it a homicide. CNN's Isabel Rosales reports.

A toddler got stuck in a claw machine. See what happened next

A three-year-old toddler climbed inside a claw machine filled with toys in northeastern Australia on January 27. See how police managed to rescue the child.

Video shows possible first wild sighting of newborn great white shark

Drone footage shot off the coast of Southern California may have revealed the first-ever glimpse of a newborn great white shark in the wild. CNN's Rosemary Church talks with wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna, who was involved in capturing the footage.

Bodycam shows moment police use flash bang on home with toddler on ventilator

Police in Elyria, Ohio, deployed exploding flash-bangs while raiding a home last week while a toddler on a ventilator was inside, newly released body-worn camera footage shows, and the mother says her child was harmed during the incident.

Parents shocked when they learn why toddler requested scissors at 3am

A toddler's request for scissors in the middle of the night leads his parents to discover a scene of unwrapped Christmas presents.

'Wokeness killed Han Solo': Adam driver hosts SNL

During his stint as host of "Saturday Night Live", Adam Driver shares his wish list to Santa, appears as a baby on his first flight and cast member Chloe Fineman shares a sexy gift idea for this holiday.

W.H.O.: 28 neonatal babies evacuated from Gaza to Egypt

More than two dozen newborn babies are now safe in Egypt after being evacuated from Gaza on Monday. CNN's Eleni Giokos shares their dangerous journey to safety.

CNN gets access to hospital in Egypt treating patients from Gaza

Hospital in Egypt on call to receive some of Gaza's most vulnerable patients. CNN's Eleni Giokos reports on efforts to bring neonatal babies from Gaza to Egypt and the families that are already being treated there.

Doctors in Gaza hospital forced to remove premature babies from incubators as supplies run out

CNN's Nada Bashir reports on the healthcare crisis in northern Gaza as only one hospital is left operational.

Gaza hospital has over 130 newborn patients but is about to run out of fuel

CNN's Clarissa Ward spoke to Dr. Marwan Abusada, chief of surgery at Al Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza, about civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel continues to target Hamas with airstrikes.

Bodycam video shows officer punch mother holding three-week-old infant

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department released body camera footage that shows a deputy punching a mother holding her three-week-old infant during a traffic stop from last July. Sheriff Robert Luna said the punch was "unacceptable."

Bodycam video shows Florida deputy delivering baby on side of highway

A sheriff's deputy reunited with the family whose baby girl he helped deliver on the side of a Florida highway. CNN's Rosa Flores has the full story.

Mom accused of leaving newborn in woods arrested and charged

Nearly four years after an abandoned newborn was found alive in a plastic bag left in a wooded area, authorities have arrested the child's mother, Karima Jiwani. Police arrested Jiwani on charges of criminal attempt to commit murder, cruelty to...

Woman fails to grab out-of-control stroller rolling toward traffic. Then this happens

Gusty, high desert winds pushed a stroller with a baby boy inside toward a busy four-lane highway outside a car wash. The moment was caught on CCTV. CNN affiliate KCAL has more on what happened next.

See Tennessee lawmaker bring infant-sized coffin to state capitol

Rep. Justin Jones, one of two newly-reinstated Democrats in the Tennessee House of Representatives after being expelled for protesting against gun violence on the House floor, shares why he carried a fake, infant-sized coffin into the state...

Passenger has mid-air meltdown over crying baby

Passenger has epic meltdown over crying baby on his flight. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a "bleeping tin can with a baby in a bleeping echo chamber."

Woman pleads guilty to manslaughter decades after a dog found her newborn's body in Maine gravel pit

A Massachusetts woman pleaded guilty on Thursday to manslaughter in the death of her newborn, whose body was discovered by a dog in a gravel pit nearly 40 years ago in Maine, according to the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

Mother and grandmother to the same baby: Spanish actress sparks surrogacy debate

A Spanish TV actress has sparked controversy after using a surrogate to fulfil what she says was the final wish of her dead son: to have a child.

Police: Florida toddler found in alligator's mouth was put in lake by his father

The missing Florida toddler who was found dead in the mouth of an alligator last week was put in the lake by his father, who is also accused of killing the child's mother, according to St. Petersburg police affidavits.

2-year-old dies in tornado while mother gives birth to second child in the hospital

Dominque Green was heading to the hospital to give birth to a baby boy and left her 2-year-old in the safekeeping of the little girl's grandparents. What Green did not know was a powerful tornado would soon hit her neighborhood. CNN's Isabel...

A new round of dangerous weather targets the Southeast

Another round of violent weather is battering the Southeast on Monday after a spate of tornado-spawning storms over the weekend killed 26 people in the South -- including a 1-year-old baby and her father.