'I just want justice for my baby boy': Parents of decapitated newborn share their story

A medical examiner released the manner of death for a baby whose mother accused a Georgia hospital and others of decapitating during delivery, ruling it a homicide. CNN's Isabel Rosales reports.

Hear Abby Phillip share why she chose to give birth to her daughter at home

CNN's Abby Phillip explains why she decided to give birth in her home instead of inside a hospital, citing Black maternal mortality statistics.

Increasing tiger populations in Nepal while keeping people safe

The Khata Corridor in western Nepal is a crucial wildlife link between two protected areas. Conservation work there has increased the number of tigers, leading to an increase in human-wildlife conflict. Local environmental organizations are...

Using AI to safeguard India's growing tiger population

A new AI camera is being used to protect tigers and villages in the Kahna-Pench forest corridor in Madhya Pradesh, central India. The camera identifies predators like tigers and sends an alert to local authorities so villagers can be warned about...

Hear President Xi's message to women amid declining birth rates in China

China is facing a population crisis as its birth rate continues to decline, leading to a shrinking population for the first time in decades. President Xi addressed this issue by encouraging women to go back home and have children. CNN's Will...

Any hope for Hamas hostages?

Hamas reportedly took at least 150 hostages - including members of the Israeli military, regular citizens ranging from children to the elderly, and Americans. Is there any hope of rescuing them in this situation?

Retired colonel points out key difficulty Israeli troops would face in Gaza

Retired Colonel Cedric Leighton shows how Gaza's high population density could impact Israel's ability to conduct a ground assault in the region.

Meet the health care workers protecting Black mothers

CNN's Amara Walker speaks to doulas on the front lines of protecting mothers as Black maternal death rates have been steadily rising in the United States for decades.

'Losing the 21st century': Fareed examines the state of Russian society

CNN's Fareed Zakaria looks into the state of Russia's society, including its life expectancy, birth rates and knowledge economy.

The most interesting man in the world? Meet Dallas' margarita king

A chance visit to 7-Eleven inspired Dallas restaurateur Mariano Martinez's game changing invention...the frozen margarita machine. That first prototype now sits in the Smithsonian, and led to a Tex-Mex food revolution.

'I was scared': Laura Coates reveals she almost died during childbirth

CNN's Laura Coates discusses her personal childbirth experience as a Black woman in America with Dr. Kameelah Phillips who shares tips on how Black women can reduce the maternal mortality rate.

Climate change is putting world's species at risk

Michael Holmes speaks to Daniel Pincheira-Donoso, the co-author of a study that found almost half of the planet's species are experiencing rapid population decline due in part to climate change.

Italy's birth rate plummets

CNN's Barbie Nadeau reports on what's driving Italy's birth rate to record lows.

India set to surpass China as world's most populous country by mid-year

New report from the United Nations says India will surpass China as world's most populous country by mid-2023.

UNFPA Executive Director Natalia Kanem on the U.N. State of the Population Report

Natalia Kanem discusses major questions over sustaining the world's population -- now eight billion strong.

Japan's population drops by half a million in 2022

Japan's population has fallen for the 12th consecutive year, as deaths rise and the birth rate continues to sink, according to government data released Wednesday.

Analysis: Most states get an 'F' on gun laws this year in new analysis by advocacy group

Most US states get a failing grade on gun laws, according to a new scorecard published by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Beijing's population has declined for the first time in 19 years

Beijing, the sprawling Chinese capital and one of the world's biggest cities, saw its population drop last year for the first time in 19 years as the country grapples with a demographic crisis decades in the making.

Republicans' views of US have become more pessimistic, polling shows

Heading into the next presidential election, an analysis of CNN polls shows that Republicans have reverted to the deeply negative national outlook they held prior to Donald Trump's presidential victory in 2016. They again are convinced the nation...

This community went 25 years without a newborn, underscoring the severity of Japan's population crisis

When Kentaro Yokobori was born almost seven years ago, he was the first newborn in the Sogio district of Kawakami village in 25 years. His birth was like a miracle for many villagers.

Number of women who died due to pregnancy or childbirth rose sharply in 2021, CDC data shows

As women continue to die due to pregnancy or childbirth each year in the United States, new federal data shows that the nation's maternal death rate rose significantly yet again in 2021, with the rates among Black women more than twice as high as...