Flight returns to Denver airport after part of engine cover falls off

The Federal Aviation Administration says a Boeing 737-800 plane operated by Southwest Airlines returned safely to Denver International Airport after its engine cowling fell off and struck the wing flag. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.

CNN reporter describes hearing gunfire and explosions near Erez crossing

Israel has approved the reopening of the Erez crossing between Israel and northern Gaza for the first time since the October 7 Hamas attacks. CNN's Nic Robertson reports from near the crossing.

Coffee shop customers scatter as quake strikes Northeast

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake rattled buildings across parts of the Northeast, according to data from the US Geological Survey, with reports of it being felt from Philadelphia to New York City.

CNN reporter describes what he felt during rare Northeast earthquake

A preliminary 4.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in the Northeast Friday morning, according the US Geological Survey.

Video shows earthquake during United Nations Assembly

United Nations correspondent Richard Roth recounts his firsthand experience of the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit New York City during a UN meeting.

Firefighter breaks down as he learns father was killed in Russian strike

Firefighters trying to rescue residents from the rubble of an apartment building were among four victims killed in a Russian drone strike. 10 other people were injured in the attack.

Strong winds knock over student as storms rage across the US

Homes and businesses were damaged, several people were injured and tens of thousands were left without power after a powerful storm system spawned tornadoes and damaging storms from the South to the Ohio Valley.

See landslide engulf road after earthquake hits Taiwan

A dashcam camera captured a large landslide coming down a mountain in Taiwan, triggered by the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that killed several people and left thousands of homes without power on April 3.

Cameras capture violent shaking from massive earthquake near Taiwan

A major earthquake has hit the east coast of Taiwan with a magnitude of 7.4, according to data from the US Geological Survey. It is the strongest to hit the island in 25 years, according to a spokesperson from Taiwan's Central Weather Administration.

Watch Netanyahu's response to killing of World Central Kitchen workers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israeli forces "unintentionally struck innocent people in the Gaza Strip" after an IDF strike killed at least seven workers from the World Central Kitchen aid organization.

Man drove over bridge moments before collapse

Larry DeSantis believes he was one of the last people to drive off the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore before the catastrophic collapse. He recalls his drive across the bridge in an interview with CNN.

New video shows scope of operation to clear collapsed bridge in Baltimore

CNN's Gloria Pazmino takes a closeup tour of the wreckage of the Dali ship and Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore with the US Coast Guard.

'I have no time for foolishness': Maryland Gov. on some in GOP blaming bridge collapse on diversity policies

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore joins CNN's Dana Bash to respond to baseless criticism from some Republicans that diversity policies are to blame for the Baltimore bridge collapse.

Maryland governor on how bridge collapse will impact the average American's wallet

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore speaks to CNN's Dana Bash about the effects the Baltimore bridge collapse will have not only on the city's port, but the US economy at large.

Evan Gershkovich's best friend gives update on his condition in prison

The Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich marked the grim milestone of one year in Russian detention on March 29. CNN's Fred Pleitgen spoke with Gershkovich's best friend, Polina Ivanova, about his mindset and condition in prison.

Buttigieg calls $60 million towards Baltimore port a 'down payment'

CNN's Kaitlan Collins interviews Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the $60 million in federal funding being provided to Maryland officials after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

Simulator shows what pilot may have experienced before bridge crash

CNN's Miguel Marquez joins Captain Morgan McManus on a ship simulator to try and recreate the moments leading up to the collision of a cargo ship into Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Veteran diver explains dangers of diving under collapsed bridge

Veteran diver Bob Raiola, who helped in recovery efforts after a 1980 bridge collapse in Florida, joins CNN's Kaitlan Collins to discuss and explain the dangers of diving under a collapsed bridge.

2 fathers included in missing after deadly Baltimore bridge disaster

Six construction workers are presumed dead after a large cargo ship crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. CNN's Gabe Cohen reports on what we know about them.

Baltimore mayor: Bridge collapse is an "unspeakable tragedy"

Mayor Brandon Scott speaks with CNN's Phil Mattingly

How long can a person survive in cold water? CNN explains

CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam breaks down how cold water conditions in the Patapsco River could impact a rescue operation after the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed when it was struck by a cargo ship.