CNN Young Wonders: Melati and Isabel Wijsen

Teen sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen created Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a youth movement to help their home island of Bali become plastic bag-free.

Crossing Switzerland's sky-high suspension bridge

CNN's Richard Quest travels to Switzerland's Glacier 3000 and walks across the world's only suspension bridge that connects two mountain peaks.

'Their caution was my drive': Mamma Mia! creator on convincing ABBA to make the musical

"Mamma Mia!" The Musical celebrates 25 years on London's West End. Creator-producer Judy Craymer tells Christiane Amanpour the secret behind the show's success and if they'll be making a third movie.

Hollywood Minute: 'An American Saga' heads to France

Kevin Costner's latest Western epic, "Horizon: An American Saga,' to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and Scarlett Johansson tries to fake a lunar landing in 'Fly Me To The Moon.' David Daniel reports.

Jennifer Crumbley issues warning during her sentencing

Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of Ethan Crumbley, who killed four students in the 2021 school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, spoke at her sentencing hearing moments before being sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison by the judge.

Late night shows react to total eclipse

Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Steven Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel joke about the total eclipse that swept across North America.

CNN finds new information contradicting IDF's account of night over 100 died in Gaza

CNN's Katie Polglase pieces together what we know about the early hours of February 29, when over 100 were killed during an aid distribution in Gaza. With newly uncovered video and audio, as well as eyewitness testimony, CNN's analysis contradicts...

Ecuadorian police stormed the Mexican embassy. Here's why countries are upset.

Ecuador raided the Mexican embassy on April 5, where they arrested Jorge Glas, a former vice president of Ecuador who had been seeking asylum there. After being detained, Glas fell ill and was transferred to hospital, according to the national...

Hear from journalist booted from GOP event over her "unfair reporting"

Colorado Sun reporter Sandra Fish tells CNN's Abby Phillip what happened what she was removed from the Colorado state Republican assembly.

Yellen discusses national security concerns on trip to China

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is wrapping up her second trip to China in nine months. The trip is aimed at addressing escalating trade disputes between the world's largest economies as the two sides try to stabilize relations following a...

Why these Black voters in key state say they won't vote for Biden

CNN's Rene Marsh speaks to Black voters in Atlanta who say they won't vote for President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

See the moment crowd goes under total darkness during eclipse

CNN's Rosa Flores was on the ground in Kerrville, Texas, when locals experienced complete darkness as the solar eclipse reached totality in their area.

'It's a failure' that Israelis are still held in Gaza, says daughter of hostage held by Hamas

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Sharone Lifschitz, whose 83-year-old father Oded Lifschitz is still being held in Gaza, six months after the war began.

Exploring Abu Dhabi's burgeoning arts and culture scene

CNN's Eleni Giokos takes a look at the strategic investments bolstering the UAE capital's position as a hub for arts and culture -- from the most visited museum in the Arab world, to its first-ever non-profit art center.

The Middle East takes center stage at global real estate event

CNN's Eleni Giokos catches up with high-level delegations showcasing some of the region's billion-dollar real estate projects at this year's edition of MIPIM, a global property show held annually in the south of France.

'I miss my town, I miss Khan Younis': Residents return to devastated Khan Younis after Israel withdrawal

On Sunday the IDF said that it had "concluded its mission" in Khan Younis. After forces left the city in Southern Gaza to prepare for future operations, Gazan residents return to what's left of their homes amid the destruction.

Retired US general reacts to Israel's withdrawal from Gaza town

Retired US Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling says that Hamas will view Israel's withdrawal from Khan Younis in Gaza as a victory but predicts that this will not stop Israel from invading Rafah, which is seen as the last stronghold for Hamas in Gaza.

Hear what the Japanese prime minister said he wants to do in terms of US-Japan relations

Ahead of a closely watched summit with US President Joe Biden next week, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told CNN's Hanako Montgomery what he thinks of US-Japan relations and his country's changing defense capabilities.

Hear what Caitlin Clark said after her last college game

Iowa guard Caitlin Clark and South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley spoke to reporters after the Gamecocks won the 2024 NCAA Women's Basketball national championship.

On GPS: Does Israel have an effective strategy against Hamas?

Fareed asks former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett whether Israel can truly eradicate Hamas or its ideology through its war in Gaza.

On GPS: Finland's new president on ending the Ukraine war

New Finnish President Alexander Stubb gives Fareed his assessment on the war in Ukraine after his recent trip to Kyiv — and why he thinks peace negotiations cannot happen yet: "The only way we can achieve peace is through the battlefield."