British expat left with rash after picking mangoes at Emerald farm in Queensland

A British expat has revealed his horrendous farm work experience which left him looking like 'the Elephant man' after he suffered a severe allergic reaction to the mangoes he was picking.

British NHS doctor moves to Australia to earn £1k-a-month more than she did in the UK

Aoibhín Bradley, 27, decided to turn her back on the NHS and find a job in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, after hearing about the opportunities Down Under.

Ipswich QLD truck driver left paralysed by incredibly rare disease that doctors thought was stroke

A truckie has finally received a diagnosis after being rushed to hospital with a condition where stumped doctors first thought it might've been a stroke or cancer.

Human remains found in crocodile, near Cairns, Queensland in search for Kevin Darmody

The search for a fisherman who went missing in a suspected crocodile attack has been called off after wildlife officers found human remains within one of two crocodiles put down. 

Logan bystander stop handbag thief outside Crestmead IGA in Queensland

A group have taken public justice into their own hands as they try to stop a handbag thief outside an IGA in Logan, Queensland.

Driver's effort in saving a snake from Longreach Queensland highway using cowboy hat and bare hands

An eagle-eyed Aussie pulled his car onto the roadside of a remote highway near Longreach, Queensland after spotting an unwanted road user.

A wife gets revenge tattoo of her husband - after he got an unflattering inking of her

Tegan Grove, 30, from Queensland, Australia, got a revenge tattoo of her husband Jarrod. Tegan says that she decided she wanted to retaliate to her husband's shocking prank a few months ago

Customer helps understaffed café in Noosaville Queensland by donning apron and washing dishes

A regular customer at a family owned café 'floored' its owners when she offered to work for free to help during an under-staffed morning rush at the popular spot.

Cute video shows K9 sniffer dog swung around by cop as they play outside Cairns Airport, Queensland

A video of a cop playfully swinging his K9 sniffer dog around with a toy in its mouth has gone viral and delighted viewers, with the officer's canine friend profusely wagging its tail as they play.

Photo: Australian Woman Finds Deadly Six-Foot Snake Napping on Her Mattress

The reptile removal expert who responded to the scene suggested the notoriously poisonous serpent simply "wanted a nice comfortable bed to sleep in."

Papua New Guinea 'black flight' stopped in Monto, Queensland as five arrested over 52kg meth stash

Five men have been arrested in regional Queensland after they allegedly operated a 'black flight' to Papua New Guinea to collect 52kg of methamphetamine on Tuesday.

I got my wife's most unflattering photo tattooed on me as a prank

Jarrod Grove, 28, from Queensland, pranked his wife by getting a picture of her pulling a funny face tattooed on his body, even though she told him she hated the snap.

Viral social media videos of crocodiles has expert urging Queensland government to issue fines

Mick Bender, a wildlife educator for Wildlife Unleashed, says he wants the government to introduce fines for those who purposely enter crocodile habitats.

Citric acid on shower: Mum's simple trick leaves screen sparkling clean in 30 seconds

A mum has uncovered an unconventional method for cleaning her shower - and the trick left her glass sparkling in just 30 seconds.

Selin vurduğu Avustralya'da halka tahliye çağrısı

Selin vurduğu Avustralya'da halka tahliye çağrısıAvustralya'da yetkililer, sel sularının hızla yükselmesinin ardından halktan evlerini tahliye etmelerine yönelik çağrı yaptı. Avustralya Meteoroloji Bürosu, dün, bölgede büyük çaplı sel uyarısı...

Pilot that survived Sea World helicopter crash reveals what happened before crash

A pilot 'did not recall' his fellow pilot making a standard taxiing call to say he was taking off before their helicopters collided and crashed, killing four people and injuring nine others on the Gold Coast.

Another sickening video emerges of a baby being forced to vape

The footage shows a 16-year-old Queensland girl showing her baby sister how to vape before handing the e-cigarette to her.

Sea World helicopter crash victim Nicholas Tadros receives another devastating diagnosis

Nicholas Tadros, 10, broke almost every bone in his body after two helicopters collided in mid-air before plummeting onto a sand bank above the Gold Coast Sea World on January 2.

Mysterious yellow watercraft stranded on Queensland's Double Island Point still unidentified

The yellow object was found on the shore at Double Island Point, a beach in the Great Sandy National Park north of Queensland's Sunshine Coast on Thursday morning.

Australian professor kidnapped by Papua New Guinea gang for $1.4m ransom

An Australian archaeology professor has been kidnapped at gunpoint in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands. The abduction, with a $1.4m ransom, comes two weeks after that of a Kiwi pilot.

You have the eyes of the hawk if you can see this native Australian predator in North Queensland

Staring at this picture and trying to spot the camouflaged Australian animal is fine - but you wouldn't want to do it in person.