The Yale-educated playwright behind the West End show with black-only nights: How Jeremy O. Harris - who wrote controversial Slave Play starring Kit Harington - slammed celebrity casting and made claims of a 'wild erasure of black bodies' on British TV

Playwright Jeremy O Harris, 34, was born into a military family and attended Carlisle School, a private school in Virginia before attending Yale University.

US Navy chief based in Japan charged with espionage and sharing classified documents with a foreign citizen after 'secretly smuggling files out from secure places'

Chief Petty Officer Fire Controlman Bryce Pedicini has been charged with espionage and other criminal charges for delivering classified information to a foreign contact in 2022 and 2023.

Hour by sleepy hour, the VERY revealing details of a frail 81-year-old Biden's day: Woken by his cat... no work before 10am... physical therapy and slip-proof sneakers... and aides constantly terrified of disaster has interviewed West Wing aides and experts to delve into Biden's 'stage-managed' schedule in the wake of the devastating special counsel report.

Joe Biden's great-great grandfather Moses Robinette was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln after stabbing a man, being convicted of attempted murder and imprisoned on a remote island off Florida in 1864, documents reveal

Biden's great-great grandfather Moses Robinette got sent to an island prison after being convicted of fighting during the Civil War, then got a Lincoln pardon with some lobbying help.

500-gallon underground propane tank leads to catastrophic explosion

Officials in Sterling, Virginia say one firefighter died and at least 13 others were injured after a home exploded while the fire crew was inside checking a gas leak. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports.

Second by second, the exact effect of vaping compared to cigarettes on the body after every puff

Multiple experts and studies compare what e-cigarettes do when you inhale vape vapor versus cigarette smoke, from the second you inhale to minutes, hours and even months down the line.

Mother of murdered ISIS hostage Jim Foley reveals prison conversations with his jihadi killer - and says Obama COULD have saved him if he'd made her son 'a priority'

Diane Foley, who previously criticized the Obama administration for failing to prevent the beheading, said she asked 'Beatles' cell member Alexanda Kotey where her son was buried.

Married middle school teacher, 26, faces up to 50 YEARS in jail after admitting to raping a 14-year-old male student in his bed for a year as classmates say they 'noticed them flirting'

Megan Pauline Jordan, 25, pleaded guilty to four counts of carnal knowledge and one count of indecent liberties of a minor at Hungary Creek Middle School, in Chesterfield, Virginia.

I'm an American living in Britain - here's the difference between Londoners and New Yorkers

Aurora Lofton, who posts videos on TikTok about her life as an American living in the UK, spoke to MailOnline Travel about what she loves and hates about London.

Sex trafficking survivor speaks out about the horrors she endured over decade of abuse that left her addicted to heroin and pregnant in jail - as she fights to help other victims get their lives back

When Olivia Reposa was 18 she thought she had found the love of her life - but he soon introduced her to life of prostitution, drugs and crime. Now, 32, Reposa is helping other victims recover.

Chilling new lawsuit reveals how catfish cop made girl, 15, he groomed pretend to be his DAUGHTER after abducting youngster whose mom and grandparents he'd just murdered

Austin Lee Edwards, 28, used his status as a cop to gain entry to the home of a teen girl he groomed online before murdering her mom and grandparents, a shocking new lawsuit claims.

Humans are already trashing Mars - despite never setting foot on it: Shocking map reveals the 15,694lbs of space junk piling up on the Red Planet including crashed spacecraft and discarded drill bits

The Mars map reveals locations of debris from spacecraft that have landed on the planet in the past 53 years, including the now defunct Ingenuity helicopter.

Elizabeth Taylor fans accuse the BBC of 'cheapening legendary starlets' after Kim Kardashian is announced to star in documentary about her 'idol'

The BBC has been accused of 'cheapening starlets' by enraged fans of the late actress Elizabeth Taylor after it was announced that Kim Kardashian will produce a documentary on her life.

Eerie underwater footage shows car on the bottom of the ocean after it mysteriously drove off end of a 650ft Virginia pier - as new video shows horrifying moment driver almost runs down a pedestrian before 'suicide bid'

Eerie underwater footage released by Virginia Beach police shows the car that drove off a 650ft long pier, lying on the ocean floor. The incident occurred on Saturday when the vehicle crashed through barriers.

Moment a car was seen speeding off the end of a 650ft pier in Virginia and plunging into the water below - as police still haven't confirmed if they found any victims inside the vehicle

Around 6.50am Saturday, car crashed through the barriers of the 14th Street pier in Virginia Beach and sped down the length of it. It braked briefly before driving through over the edge.

Could this Glamorous Parisian art dealer hold the key to Prince Andrew's fate? Mystery woman went on the Lolita Express with the Duke of York and flew 12 times on Jeffrey Epstein's private jets - but refuses to say what she saw

Alexia Wallaert, 51, is named 12 times on the flightlogs of Epstein's private jets in just under two years - including on one trip to Florida with the Duke of York, according to legal documents in the US.

JAN MOIR: The scandal grenade that's exploded in Monaco for Prince Albert is a grim warning of what a prince with no purpose can get up to

What was it about billionaire Prince Albert of Monaco that attracted so many women? Was it his personal charm - or his gorgeous, bulging, deep pockets?

Trump leads Biden by SIX POINTS: New nationwide poll shows huge surge for ex-president - but 25% of voters are still undecided and 65% don't want the rematch at all

Trump leads President Joe Biden by 40 to 34 in a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, which comes after both men prevailed in separate New Hampshire primaries. The balance are unsure or back someone else.

Watch Biden react to hecklers' repeated interruptions during speech

President Joe Biden’s abortion rights rally in Virginia was beset by repeated protests over his handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as he delivered ...

Brooklyn woman is detained after cops find severed HEAD and multiple body parts in her freezer

Heather Stines, 45, was detained on Monday night after cops received a tip about the grisly find, sources told

Trump assembles his new 'Avengers': Ex-president brings former rivals Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott and Doug Burgum on stage in massive show of force as he goes into New Hampshire primary with a huge lead over Haley

Hundreds of people packed into a tiny, overheated New Hampshire hotel basement on Monday night as Donald Trump paraded a string of key endorsers in a final show of strength