Another Ukraine: a disinformation platform run by an exiled Ukrainian oligarch in Russia

Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch who is close to Vladimir Putin, found refuge in Russia after leaving Ukraine, where he faces treason charges. He runs a Russian-language portal pushing Kremlin narratives on Ukraine and the war, but his...

Russian President Putin delivers annual address

CNN's Matthew Chance reports from Moscow, on the Russian leader's address to Parliament.

Desperate for money and men, Ukraine is using violent press gangs to snatch soldiers from the streets - a tactic I thought only only existed in history books, writes DAVID PATRIKARAKOS

The war in Ukraine has always seemed a strange blend of the contemporary and the historic. I was reminded of this when a friend recently told me about the growing problem of press gangs there.

I'm having sex for Putin! Cringeworthy moment state TV host announces plan to get pregnant after Vladimir called for bigger Russian families to stave off demographic crisis

Natalya Litovko, 43, announced she and her husband had been inspired by the Kremlin leader's call in his state-of-the-nation address in Moscow to fulfil their patriotic duty.

Funeral directors refuse to transport Alexei Navalny's corpse from morgue after receiving anonymous threats

Since the Kremlin critic's death in prison almost two weeks ago, his team have accused authorities of trying to prevent him from having a dignified public burial

We're ready if trouble flares up with Putin! Royal Navy chopper launches anti-missile flares above HMS Prince of Wales as part of Steadfast Defender - NATO's largest military exercise for decades

A Merlin helicopter from 820 Naval Air Squadron could be seen firing the flares from both sides. The flares are specifically designed to defeat Infra-Red seeking missiles

This Ukrainian soldier has a message for Washington

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports from the front line of Ukraine where a series of Russian attacks have struck Ukrainian positions along the Robotyne.

Putin delivers annual address to members Russia's parliament ahead of elections

CNN's Max Foster and Bianca Nobilo speak to Alexander Baunov, a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about Putin's annual address to parliament ahead of elections.

Putin says West risks nuclear war if NATO sends troops to Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin warned Western countries on Thursday that there was a genuine risk of nuclear war if they sent their own troops to fight in Ukraine, and he said Moscow had the weapons to strike targets in the West.

Ukraine 'shoots down two more £40million Russian jets, bringing total number of Putin's warplanes destroyed in two weeks to 12 - worth nearly £700m'

The planes were destroyed in Avdiivka and Mariupol today at around 9am, according to Lt-Gen Mykola Oleschuk, commander of the Ukrainian air force.

BRICS Share in Global Economy at Purchasing Power Parity to Rise to 36.6% by 2028 - Putin

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The share of BRICS in the global economy at purchasing power parity will increase to 36.6% by 2028, while the G7's share will drop to 27.8%, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

Boris Johnson tells Putin to 'get the hell out of Ukraine' and says Trump WON'T pull the plug on funding if elected because he 'won't want to be the president who surrendered to Russia'

In a new interview aired in Ukraine, the former British Prime Minister predicted Trump - if re-elected to the White House - would continue to back Volodymyr Zelensky.

Navalny's widow concerned about arrests at his funeral

CNN's Matthew Chance looks at how the widow of the late Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny, is concerned his supporters could be arrested if they show up at his funeral on Friday.

Pro-Russian separatists in Moldova seek Moscow's 'protection'

Pro-Russian rebel officials in Moldova's breakaway region of Transnistria on Wednesday appealed to Russia for "protection", amid fears the territory could become a new flashpoint in Moscow's conflict with neighbouring Ukraine.

Germany is accused of being 'completely irresponsible' after claiming British troops are helping Ukraine to fire missiles at Putin's forces

Germany's leader said he wouldn't deliver long-range missiles as it would require German troops to assist on the ground, arguing that following the UK's lead would make Germany a 'participant in the war'

LORD DANNATT: The world has become a dangerous place, and I fear Britain is now in the last-chance saloon

Lord Dannatt writes: 'Today, at less than 2.3 per cent of GDP, the UK's defence budget is far too small for our international obligations and defence commitments'

Will the Navalny sanctions work?

The Biden administration announced sanctions against Russia involving five hundred new entities and individuals following …

Putin suffers £600m war plane blitz: Ukraine downs 10 Russian aircraft in just 10 days - including seven £39m bombers, two £34m jets and £260m spy plane

As it announced that two of Russia's Su-34 fighter-bombers had been blasted out of the sky yesterday, Ukraine's defence ministry boasted that it had eliminated ten enemy planes in as many days

World with no system, norms or hegemon

The current international system, which was already quite vulnerable, has totally collapsed after Israel’s genocidal …

Blow for West as breakaway Moldovan region that borders Ukraine calls on Putin for 'protection'

Transnistria - a separatist region sharing a border with Ukraine - called on Russia for help in a move carefully choreographed with Moscow. Transnistria is in thrall to Moscow

Putin faces £601m war plane blitz: Ukraine downs 10 Russian warplanes in 10 days including seven £39m bombers, two £34m jets and £260m spy plane in major blow to Moscow

As it announced that two of Russia's Su-34 fighter-bombers had been blasted out of the sky yesterday, Ukraine's defence ministry boasted that it had eliminated ten enemy planes in as many days