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21 Nisan 2024

First-time buyers face toughest test for 70 years

First-time buyers depend on two high incomes or parental support, the Building Societies Association says.

Charities call on government to halve the number of mouldy, dangerous homes in England

3.7 million homes are cold, in need of repair, or have serious hazards, analysis shows

Ban on wet wipes containing plastic unveiled to help UK’s rivers

Products blamed for hundreds of thousands of blockages in sewer systems

How Chinese firms are using Mexico as a backdoor to the US

Chinese firms are racing to set up factories in Mexico to bypass US tariffs and sanctions.

High interest rates could add billions to UK green energy transition, says report

Resolution Foundation calls for fourfold increase in renewable power investment to reduce pressure on household billsA permanent shift to higher interest rates could add billions of pounds to the UK’s renewable energy transition, a leading...

Global defence budget jumps to record high of $2440bn

For the first time, government military spending increased in all five geographical regions, Sipri thinktank findsGlobal military expenditure has reached a record high of $2440bn (£1970bn) after the largest annual rise in government spending on...

Average price tag on a home sitting just £570 below previous record – Rightmove

The top of the ladder sector which is less dependent on mortgages continues to drive pricing activity, the property website said.

Seeing self on video calls leads to mental fatigue, study finds

EEG monitoring showed that fatigue levels were significantly greater during the times participants could view their own image.

Heartbreaking story behind brain tumour singer Ravi’s Britain’s Got Talent audition that reduced Alesha Dixon to tears

A BRAIN tumour boy who last night reduced Britain’s Got Talent judges to tears will give the £250,000 prize to charity if he wins.Ravi Adelekan’s

From secret fantasies to ‘get me pregnant’ pressure – real reason why 60% of Brit men are unsatisfied with sex lives

SWINGING from the chandeliers has been replaced with an awkward silence in millions of British bedrooms.And you may be surprised to learn it is men wh

Cops probe surge in WITCHCRAFT including claims abuse using voodoo dolls and curses

SCORES of allegations of witchcraft and black magic have been looked into by police.They include claims of assault and abuse using voodoo dolls and cu

Child rapist can STAY in UK after arguing being deported would harm his mental health

A CHILD rapist can stay in the UK after arguing being deported would harm his mental health.The fiend, who cannot be named, was jailed for attacking a

Massive marble headstone for ‘Traveller King’ Willy Collins has its own QR code to leave comments about his life

A MASSIVE marble headstone for a former bare-knuckle boxer now has its own QR code.Visitors to the 37-ton memorial to traveller Willy Collins — AKA

Blokes forking out £75 for ­’perfect’ AI girlfriends got toxic abusers who support Vladimir Putin

DESPERATE blokes forking out £75 for ­“perfect” AI girlfriends got toxic abusers who support Vladimir Putin, a Sun probe has found.It comes amid

Myleene’s I’m A Celeb two-piece to Princess Leia & Barbara Windsor… the most iconic bikinis – and prices they sold for

CELEBRITY fans are paying huge prices for star’s smalls.Some of the most iconic bikinis of all time have sold for thousands at auction.Last week, a

Single adults need annual income of at least £31,536 to afford essentials – nearly £2,000 more than average salary

SINGLE adults need an annual income of at least £31,536 to afford essentials, a study found.It is nearly £2,000 more than the average £29,669 salar

Juicy Fest 2025 line-up revealed - Ludacris, Akon, Tyga, Fat Joe, Keyshia Cole and others heading to NZ

Juicy Fest 2025 will provide R&B and hip-hop nostalgia.

Foxton is going Dutch again with games, culture, music and food

The Dutch community is putting on events around the country from the end of April.

My 3-ingredient solution kills weeds – it’s more natural & works in 2 hours, just don’t use it when it’s raining

A GREEN thumb has dished the details on a homemade weed-killing concoction.The gardening fan said that the all natural hack worked in just two hours.G

Chloe Ferry shows off new smaller boobs as she does photoshoot after boozy night out

CHLOE Ferry has taken a moment to show off her boobs post op after a boozy night out.The 28-year-old had a big Saturday night on the town with her fri

New Zealand passport system upgrades lead to longer processing times

The new system means people should apply at least two months before they are needed.

Patient whose life was saved by routine dentist check gives dire warning about state of NHS

Pensioner Tony Page was referred to hospital when a routine check-up revealed an abnormality - now he warns the collapse of NHS dentistry might be costing lives

Πώς η Ευρώπη έχασε τον πόλεμο των λιμανιών

Χάνουν έδαφος τα ευρωπαϊκά λιμάνια στη διακίνηση containers έναντι του παγκόσμιου ανταγωνισμού, με βασική αιτία την υστέρηση της οικονομικής ανάπτυξης στην Ευρώπη. Σύμφωνα με την έκθεση της Alphaliner, το Ρότερνταμ,… Πώς η Ευρώπη έχασε τον...

ITV Britain's Got Talent fans livid and claim fix as Canadian contestant takes to the stage

Viewers saw red this Sunday, April 21, as Canadian Geneviève Côté auditioned for a spot in Britain's Got Talent and the revelation of a previous stint on TV added fuel to the fire.