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03 Haziran 2023

Turkey to send commando unit to help quell unrest in Kosovo

The Turkish defense ministry announced Saturday it will be sending a commando battalion to northern Kosovo in response to a NATO request for troops to help quell violent unrest

Modi Arrives at Scene of Deadly Train Crash in Odisha, India

The disaster, which officials said had involved three trains, had a stark toll even given India’s history of deadly crashes.

Pope to visit Mongolia at end of summer in visit rich in geopolitical significance

Pope Francis is traveling to Mongolia at the end of the summer

Israeli army kills gunman in shootout along Egypt's border

Israeli military says troops shot and killed a gunman in a shootout in southern Israel along the Egyptian border

Plastic pollution: Key step toward landmark treaty to end plastic waste

Global negotiators have agreed to craft an initial draft treaty to end plastic pollution

Biden’s Debt-Deal Strategy: Win in the Fine Print

The president and his negotiators believe they worked out a deal that allowed Republicans to claim big spending cuts even as the reality was far more modest.

Trump Lawyer’s Voice Memo Could Be a Key in the Classified Documents Inquiry

M. Evan Corcoran recorded recollections of his legal work last year for Donald Trump. The recording is now in the hands of prosecutors, unnerving some aides to the former president.

Buzzworthy: Honeybee health blooming at federal facilities across the country

While judges, lawyers and support staff at the federal courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, keep the American justice system buzzing, thousands of humble honeybees on the building’s roof are playing their part in a more important task:...

Turkey's Erdogan set to take oath for 3rd term in office, announce new Cabinet lineup

Turkey’s longtime president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is to be sworn in for his third term

California's earliest Black settlers bought land only for it to be stolen. Their descendants want it back.

Former slaves who came to California mined for gold and bought property, only for their land to be stolen or seized. Their descendants want a reckoning.

Hundreds killed in Indian train crash as officials say rescue efforts completed

NEW DELHI, India —Rescuers ended a search for survivors as the death toll from a train crash that killed more than 260 people and injured hundreds more in one of the worst rail disasters in Indian history, officials said.

India’s Train Crash: What We Know

After decades when deadly accidents were frequent, train travel in India has grown far safer in recent years, with government investing heavily in the vast rail network.

Protests, poisoning and prison: A look at the life of Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny

In a span of a decade, Alexei Navalny has gone from the Kremlin’s biggest foe to Russia’s most prominent political prisoner

Inside the penal colonies: A glimpse at life for political prisoners swept up in Russia's crackdowns

Alexei Navalny will spend his 47th birthday Sunday in a tiny prison cell with hardly any natural light

As anti-gay sentiment grows, more LGBTQ+ people seek to flee Uganda

Frightened LGBTQ+ Ugandans are searching for a way to escape a new law prescribing the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality

Through bullets and border chaos, they fled Sudan's conflict with $800 and a family of five

The conflict between Sudan’s army and the RSF paramilitary group has forced hundreds of thousands to flee heavy fighting in Khartoum and beyond.

Emirati hosts want UN climate talks to deliver 'game-changing results,' with big oil at the table

A senior United Arab Emirates official says the Gulf nation wants a U.N. climate summit it’s hosting later this year to deliver “game-changing results” for international efforts to curb global warming

EXPLAINER: Panama launches operation against smugglers in Darien Gap

Panama has unveiled a new effort to control illegal migration through the treacherous Darien Gap that spans its eastern border with Colombia

India train crash kills over 280, hurts 900 in country's deadliest rail accident in decades

Rescuers are wading through piles of debris and wreckage to pull out bodies and free people after two passenger trains derailed in India, killing more than 280 people

India train crash kills over 280, hurts 900 in deadliest rail accident in decades

Rescuers are wading through piles of debris and wreckage to pull out bodies and free people after two passenger trains derailed in India, killing more than 280 people

Biden expected to sign budget deal to raise debt ceiling

President Joe Biden is expected to sign legislation to raise the debt ceiling on Saturday, preventing a potential crisis that would have led to the country's first-ever government default and sent shock waves through the U.S. and global economies

Tragedy that left 5 dead or missing puts spotlight on safety in Alaska charter fishing industry

Charter fishing industry experts in southeast Alaska say they're eager to learn the cause of a tragedy that left five people dead or lost at sea

A look at deadly train crashes in India in recent decades

The latest deadly train crash in India happened Friday, when two passenger trains derailed

US Defense Secretary Austin says Washington won't stand for 'coercion and bullying' from China

American Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says Washington would not stand for any “coercion and bullying” of its allies and partners by China, while assuring Beijing that the United States remains committed to maintaining the status...