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15:46, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi
Donald Trump
11:41, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Gove is simply Trump s cheerleader glossing over inconsistencies and

The Times encounter revealed the president-elect’s alarming views, but also showed how he expects the media to treat him – with obsequityPerhaps the most embarrassing aspect of the so-called “special relationship” between Britain and the US – besides the

10:34, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

James Naughtie to deliver the Hugh Cudlipp memorial lecture

The BBC radio and TV presenter, fresh from covering the US presidential election, to give a talk entitled ‘A world turned upside down’Jim Naughtie, the BBC radio and TV presenter, is to deliver the 2017 Hugh Cudlipp lecture. Having spent many weeks coveri

10:51, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Germany hits back at Trump criticism of refugee policy and

Deputy chancellor blames America’s ‘flawed interventionist policy’ for refugee crisis and warns of ‘bad awakening’ for US carmakersBerlin has mounted a staunch defence of its policies after Donald Trump criticised the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, for

10:07, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Michael Gove admits he didn't ask Theresa May's permission to

Speaking to Piers Morgan in a round of interviews about Trump's "electric personality", the Tory MP admitted he hid his visit to New York

13:06, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

One China Principle' Not Negotiable China Tells Trump

Responding to remarks by Donald Trump, China's Foreign Ministry says the country's "one-China principle" regarding Taiwan is not negotiable and any attempt to reconsider the issue would be self-defeating

13:14, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Suggestions by President-elect Donald Trump that sanctions against Russia could be lifted in exchange for a nuclear arms cut have attracted a frosty reception in Moscow

09:09, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Donald Trump's first British interview in his own words on

The President-elect talked to Michael Gove (yes really) about nuclear weapons, Merkel, Brexit, trade and Putin. Here's everything you need to know

09:00, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics review timely but

Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin delves into how the brain processes big fat fibs – but leaves some stones unturnedPolitics has always required lies, but it’s hard to think of a democratic leader who has lied so brazenly and so constantly as Donald Trump. Th

00:01, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Leading scientists urge May to pressure Trump over climate change

Scientists warn Trump may ‘severely weaken’ climate research, but say UK ready to expand its work in area, offering jobs to disaffected US researchersLeading scientists have asked the prime minister to urge president-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge the

12:14, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

The eight individuals who own as much as half of the rest of the planet are all men, and have largely made their fortunes in technology

11:49, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Ukraine is ready to work with the administration of US President-elect Donald Trump and hopes that the issue of the Ukrainian crisis remains a priority in Washington, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Monday.

17:34, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

US Democratic Party seems to be taking own miscounts in the domestic policy out on Russia, Russian Security Council's Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said Sunday.

11:40, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

UK Foreign Secretary welcomed on Monday US President-elect Donald Trump's promise to sign UK-US trade deal as reflecting mutual interests.

17:41, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Donald Trump administration's possible relocation of the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could have very serious repercussions, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault warned.

20:22, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

The outgoing Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said Sunday that US President-elect Donald Trump's spontaneity could harm the US national security interests.

14:44, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Fransa, Uluslararası Ortadoğu Barış Konferansı'na ev sahipliği yapıyor. Konferansta Ortadoğu'da İsrail ve Filistin arasındaki barış süreci Donald Trump ABD başkanlığı görevini devralmadan önce canlandırılmaya çalışılıyor.

11:38, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Beijing is preparing for a shake-up in the command ranks of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In recent years, Beijing has been implementing a large-scale military reform aimed at adjusting China’s military capabilities to the emerging geopolitical chal

11:33, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Çin, ‘Tek Çin’ politikasında değişiklik sinyalleri veren seçilmiş ABD Başkanı Trump’ı China Daily üzerinden uyardı. Ülkenin resmi yayın organı olan gazetede yayınlanan makalede, ‘Trump’a karşı acımasız olmaktan başka çarelerinin olmayabileceği’ belirtildi

08:18, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Çin Trump'a quot acımayacak quot

Çin, ABD'nin yeni Başkanı Donald Trump'ın "gözünün yaşına bakılmayacağı" uyarısını yaptı.

23:20, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence said that beside one formal and "strictly coincidental" telephone call of Gen. Michael Flynn, the incoming national security adviser of US President-Elect Donald Trump, with the Russian ambassador, there was absolutely n

10:42, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Çin Trump'a quot acımayacak quot

Çin, göreve başladıktan sonra da Tayvan üzerinden "Tek Çin Politikası'nı" eleştirmesi durumunda ABD'nin yeni Başkanı Donald Trump'ın "gözünün yaşına bakılmayacağı" uyarısını yaptı.

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