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03:21, 23 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi
Inside Politics
18:19, 22 Ocak 2017 Pazar

How will the Trump team deal with individual agencies that aren't always high profile and may still be adjusting.

23:44, 17 Ocak 2017 Salı

A new CNN/ORC poll shows Trump's approval rating hitting a historic low, CNN's John King breaks down the numbers at the magic wall.

23:59, 17 Ocak 2017 Salı

It's a world turned upside down as Russia's President Putin comes to Trump's defense and Brennan fires back at PEOTUS on his Nazi comparison.

14:05, 17 Ocak 2017 Salı

President-elect Donald Trump hints his trust in Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel "may not last," because she made a "catastrophic" mis

21:48, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

John King reports on Trump rethinking his Labor Secretary pick, Andrew Puzder, as Puzder face strong pressure & criticism from labor unions & other grou

22:52, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Days before his Inauguration, Trump becomes entangled in feuds with a civil rights icon, the CIA, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and NATO.

23:00, 16 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Trump hints his trust in Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel "may not last" because she made a "catastrophic" mistake on "illegals.&

19:50, 15 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Advising Trump, Trump's White House , and the GOP's SCOTUS strategy are just some of the topics covered in this Sunday's 'Inside Politics' f

00:20, 14 Ocak 2017 Cumartesi

Trump's inauguration message, Biden's advice, & finding political common ground are just some of the topics covered in today's 'Inside Polit

00:22, 14 Ocak 2017 Cumartesi

Pres. Obama says he was strong at selling his ideas on the campaign trail, but lost "the PR battle" on some of his larger initiatives.

00:40, 14 Ocak 2017 Cumartesi

Pres-elect Trump has harsh words for some in the U.S. intelligence community, while some of his cabinet picks deviate, sounding alarms on Russia.

23:34, 11 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba

President-elect Trump reiterated his promise that Mexico will reimburse the US for the costs of building a wall on the US-Mexico border. He said Vice Preside...

21:20, 11 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba

CNN's Jim Acosta recounts his experience at President-elect Donald Trump's press conference after Trump refused to take his question.

22:55, 09 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Trump fires back with a series of tweets after Meryl Streep accused Trump of mocking a disabled reporter in her Golden Globe acceptance speech.

23:05, 09 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

With a number of contentious hearings this week, Donald Trump assures reporters that his nominees will pass their confirmation hearings.

22:50, 09 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Two-term Presidents, Trump's libertarian problem, & prepping contentious picks are just some of the topics covered in today's 'Inside Politics&#

19:20, 08 Ocak 2017 Pazar

CNN's John King looks into what's to be expected in Obama's farewell speech Tuesday, including his admonitions and challenges the next President wil

19:20, 08 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Washington Post's Abby Phillip discusses the freezes Trump may invoke when he's in office.

19:22, 08 Ocak 2017 Pazar

In 'Inside Politics' forecast: Obama's advice and admonitions inside his farewell speech, Trump's first (in)actions in the White House & his

19:37, 08 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Who's paying for the US-Mexico wall? What will happen to Obamacare & Trump's businesses? Our panel discusses gray areas between what Trump means and

19:37, 08 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Are President-elect Trump's efforts to fix US-Russia relations neglectful? Our Inside Politics weighs in.

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