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Inside Politics
19:47, 29 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Spicer reporter share laugh following heated exchange

Press Secretary Sean Spicer offered reporter April Ryan the first question and a laugh at the White House press briefing one day after the two engaged in a h...

02:04, 29 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Nunes 'Why would I not' remain intel chair

Controversy continues on Capitol Hill, as Rep. Devin Nunes refuses to recuse himself from the Russia probe despite requests from Democrats

21:18, 28 Mart 2017 Salı

Trump's son-in-law draws scrutiny for talks with Russia

New developments in the Russia probe, as details emerge regarding Jared Kusher's previously undisclosed meeting with a Russian banker with ties to Putin.

22:47, 27 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Trump's 13th golf course visit in 65 days

This weekend marked Pres. Trump's 8th week visiting a Trump property, but on the trail he said as President he'd never want to leave the White House.

22:50, 27 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Nunes Kushner and ongoing White House controversies

As Trump's son-in-law agrees to testify in front of the Senate Intel committee, new questions are being raised about the White House's connection to Rus

22:51, 27 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Trump's next move after health care failure

After a devastating defeat on Friday, the White House is still deciding who is to blame for the health care flop -- and what their next move will be.

17:34, 26 Mart 2017 Pazar

Trump plays the health care bill blame game

The' Inside Politics' roundtable takes a look at the finger pointing happening after the health care bill was pulled.

17:47, 26 Mart 2017 Pazar

Inside Politics' forecast Trump's next e

Trump's political capital lessons, a look ahead to next week's executive order, Gorsuch's trick path to 60 & Trump's troubles after a fail o

18:01, 26 Mart 2017 Pazar

Political capital lessons

After the GOP's health care bill fails on the hill, Pres. Trump looks at how to restore his deeply-depleted political capital.

18:17, 26 Mart 2017 Pazar

Trump's new executive order

This week Pres. Trump will sign an executive order on coal development, will this help Trump's hopes of getting his agenda back on track?

20:02, 24 Mart 2017 Cuma

Ryan delivers bad news to Trump on health care

Speaker Paul Ryan's visit to the White House is not to deliver good news, according to a GOP source. The efforts on Capitol Hill to sway members is ongoing,

17:33, 19 Mart 2017 Pazar

Inside Politics Dems' Gorsuch dilemma

Inside Politics panel examines the Dina Powell pick, Gorsuch nominations, the districts to watch during the new health care bill vote and Price primary.

17:47, 19 Mart 2017 Pazar

GOP Lawmakers No evidence for wiretap claim

GOP Lawmakers say there is no evidence to support President Trump's wiretap claims.

22:33, 14 Mart 2017 Salı

Republicans mixed on CBO health care report

While Paul Ryan says he is encouraged by the CBO report on the GOP's health care plan, some in congress are worried about it's negative ramifications.

22:34, 14 Mart 2017 Salı

Inside Politics' Campaign time already

Trump takes his health care pitch on the road, SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch's upcoming hearing, & some GOP states are unhappy with the new health care bi

22:48, 14 Mart 2017 Salı

Allies blast CBO analysis of health bill

John King at the magic wall goes inside the CBO report on the GOP's health care plan, showing how it's expected to affect Americans if approved by Congr

22:47, 13 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Deadline day for Trump admin wiretap evidence

Monday is deadline day for the Trump administration as the Trump administration reveals what evidence it has to back up Pres. Trump's wiretapping claims.

22:48, 13 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

Inside Politics America's political divide

Fiscal battles loom in Congress, the WH renews Mideast peace talks, & the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the country's infrastructure a "

17:17, 12 Mart 2017 Pazar

How Trump's agenda is playing with his base

CNN's Chief National Correspondent John King examines the obstacles Trump will have to overcome in the repeal/replace fight . It all starts with Congress.

17:31, 12 Mart 2017 Pazar

The Trump economy breaking down the numbers

John King takes a look at the unemployment rate, job growth and Trump's past comments on job statistics. Who really deserves credit for a strong economy?

17:32, 12 Mart 2017 Pazar

Inside Politics' forecast Test for Trump

GOP's majority misgivings, progressives' "resistance" and all eyes on the Trump/Merkel meeting: it's all in today's Inside Politics fo

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