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17:31, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

President Trump's last laugh

Did a joke at D.C.'s biggest night out change the course of political history? Jake Tapper takes a look in this week's State of the Cartoonion

17:46, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Susan Rice denies Trump's unmasking charge

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice denies President Trump's charge that she committed a crime while requesting to unmask the names of Trump's a

18:03, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Trump thought presidency would be quot easier quot

Our State of the Union panel Jennifer Granholm, Rick Santorum, Van Jones, and Ana Navarro join Jake Tapper to discuss this week in politics

18:32, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

McCain Watch Trump's actions not words

Sen. John McCain tells Jake Tapper that allies should watch Trump's actions on the world stage, not his words

18:33, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Samantha Bee on the Democrats way forward

Jake Tapper asks comedian Samantha Bee if Democrats should take a play from the GOP playbook and nominate a celebrity themselves in 2020

18:34, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

McCain Trump should release tax returns

Jake Tapper asks Senator John McCain about his views on Trump's tax plan and if Trump should release his tax returns

18:34, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Samantha Bee on comedy in the Trump Era

Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal on TBS, sits down with Jake Tapper on State of the Union to discuss the role of comedy in the Trump era

19:02, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

US troops patrol Syria's border with Turkey

US forces have begun patrolling part of Syria's border with Turkey after Turkish airstrikes killed some members of a US-backed Kurdish militia nearby.

19:47, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Does a defensive media mean Trump is winning

With top journalists defending the news media at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, CNN's Brian Stelter asks the panel if it's an indication th

14:33, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Kids take over Supreme Court steps

Kids sue the government over inaction on global warming.

15:03, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Comedy politics collide as Trump skips event

Comic blasts absent Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner.

15:15, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

President Trump's entire speech on 100th day

President Trump marked his 100th day in office by holding a campaign-style rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

16:31, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Tapper to McCain Will Trump strike N Korea

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) discusses the ongoing tensions with North Korea and whether President Trump is considering a preemptive strike.

16:47, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

McCain Let the legislative process go forward

In an interview with Jake Tapper, Sen. John McCain discussed nuclear energy, the EPA and environment, and said allowing the legislative process to go forward...

16:49, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Sen John McCain full interview

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) discusses North Korea, national security and President Trump's tax plan on CNN's State of the Union.

17:02, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Samantha Bee on 'smug liberal problem'

Comedian Samantha Bee discusses criticism from NYT columnist Ross Douthat that she is part of the Democratic Party's problem.

20:32, 29 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi

DiCaprio marches with climate protesters

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio marches toward the White House with climate change protesters who are upset about President Trump's climate policies.

21:31, 29 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi

EPA removes climate change info from website

The EPA removed climate change information from its website, saying in a press release that language on the website is being updated to "reflect the approa

00:32, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Trump My 100 days just about most the successful

On day 100 in the White House President Trump is touting his record so far in office, saying he believes his first 100 days have been just about the most suc...

03:18, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Trump slams WH correspondents' dinner

At a campaign-style rally on his 100th day in office, President Trump mocks the White House correspondents' dinner, saying he would rather be with the "

03:47, 30 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Trump rates media's 100 days at rally

At his campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump rated the media's first 100 days of his term.

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