X Factor finalists 'almost revealed their secret relationship to fans in Snapchat blunder' 

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While any notion of such a relationship existing being quashed at the time, the two finalists rumoured to be in a secret gay relationship nearly revealed their romance on Snapchat recently.

CrossFit babe almost tears arms off in HORROR weightlifting error

HORRIFIC footage captured the moment a weightlifter almost dislocated both shoulders when her gym...
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Teen girl ‘in love’ with brother helped him rape kids and take pics for sick thrills

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Trump's claim that a general dipped bullets in pigs' blood is fake news – but the US massacre of Moro Muslims isn't

Pershing had left the islands and the Philippine-US war was officially over when the Americans...
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Barcelona attack: Appeals for missing seven-year-old boy separated from mother during Las Ramblas terror

Julian Alessandro Cadman and his mother Jom, who are believed to be from Australia, were out...
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Chelsea transfer news: Alex Sandro asks Juventus to stay as Italians reveal they’ve rejected brand new offer from Antonio Conte

CHELSEA have suffered a devastating blow in their pursuit of Alex Sandro after Juventus revealed...
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Who’s in the V Festival 2017 line-up? Tickets, dates, prices, headliners – and that infamous Twitter leak

V FESTIVAL 2017 is taking place THIS weekend, with a host of superstars set to perform over the...
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Ricky Burns vs Anthony Crolla could be a career-ending fight… but two of boxing’s ‘nice guys’ are sure to put on a domestic blockbuster

RICKY BURNS will stand toe-to-toe with fellow Brit Anthony Crolla and thankfully there’s no...
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Remember Ren from Even Stevens? This is what actress Christy Carlson Roman looks like now

REMEMBER Even Stevens, the Disney TV show where a young Shia Labeouf began his career and got up...
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