Comey Cited as Insubordinate, but Report Finds No Bias in F.B.I. Decision to Clear Clinton

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An inspector general report gives President Trump new ammunition to criticize the F.B.I., but it does not fit into his theory that agents conspired to help Hillary Clinton.

Trump Foundation to Close in Deal With New York Attorney General

The agreement by the Donald J. Trump Foundation follows a court decision that allowed a lawsuit...
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White House Signals Retreat on Shutdown Threat

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Fox News that the Trump administration can find...
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Trump Officials Plan to Rescind Obama-Era School Discipline Policies

A school safety commission created after the Parkland school massacre contends that the policies,...
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Trump Wishes Michael Flynn Good Luck Before Sentencing

Mr. Flynn, the president’s first national security adviser, is to be sentenced on Tuesday for...
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Global Markets Follow Wall Street’s Sell-Off as Xi’s Speech Disappoints

A speech by China’s leader, Xi Jinping, was a letdown for investors who had hoped for new...
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The Shift: Russian Trolls Came for Instagram, Too

A look at posts from the Internet Research Agency reveals that the group used Instagram for...
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Blaming the Deep State: Officials Accused of Wrongdoing Adopt Trump’s Response

A Pentagon official and a government contractor investigated for mishandling classified material...
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On Anniversary of China’s Reforms, Xi Doubles Down on Party Power

Xi Jinping, China’s leader, marked 40 years of economic liberalization by arguing that the...
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