What should Facebook do about InfoWars?

What should Facebook do about InfoWars
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Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter discuss

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Video shows chaos inside of cruise ship being evacuated

Rescuers are scrambling to rescue about 1,300 passengers and crew from a cruise ship off...
YouTube (CNN) | 04:25, 24 Mart 2019 Pazar

Robert Kraft issues apology after solicitation charges

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft publicly broke his silence for the first time since...
YouTube (CNN) | 04:24, 24 Mart 2019 Pazar

Mueller: The most private public figure in Washington

CNN's Gloria Borger takes a comprehensive look into perhaps the most private public figure...
YouTube (CNN) | 04:13, 24 Mart 2019 Pazar

Japan's 83-year-old tech wonder

Masako Wakamiya says, for her, life began again at age 60 -- when she retired and learned to use...
CNN - Video | 01:42, 24 Mart 2019 Pazar

Source: Pilots trained on Boeing 737 Max in 2.5-hour course

CNN's Drew Griffin reports on Boeing and its troubled 737 Max, which is the type of plane at the...
CNN - Video | 22:24, 23 Mart 2019 Cumartesi

Anderson Cooper: Steve King, yet again, relied on racist stereotypes

CNN's Anderson Cooper calls out Rep. Steve King for his comments about New Orleans...
YouTube (CNN) | 18:35, 23 Mart 2019 Cumartesi

Michael Smerconish: Robert Mueller deserves our gratitude

CNN’s Michael Smerconish takes a look at special counsel Robert Mueller’s career and two-year...
YouTube (CNN) | 17:50, 23 Mart 2019 Cumartesi

Smerconish: Robert Mueller deserves our gratitude

CNN's Michael Smerconish takes a look at special counsel Robert Mueller's career and two-year...
CNN - Video | 17:42, 23 Mart 2019 Cumartesi